Are there any PDF requirements?

Maximum PDF file size: 300Mb

Maximum PDF page dimensions: 15×15 inches

Fonts: All fonts should be embedded into the document when exporting it.

PDF Standard: PDF 1.4 standard is recommended. Please note that sometimes when transparency or gradient effects are added to the artwork at the Adobe InDesign stage, it can cause anomalies when converted to a 3D Issue Flipbook. We would recommend any gradients or transparencies to be done within Adobe Photoshop, before importing into InDesign.

Resolution: Document DPI should be in the 72-300 range. We find that 150 is a good compromise between quality and file size, especially when standard computer monitors have a limited DPI. We would still recommend 300 DPI for the best possible quality.

Color: Since you will be displaying your 3D Issue flipbooks on digital displays, RBG color is recommended instead of CMYK (which is historically used in physical print documents).

Updated on November 2, 2018

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