I receive the error “Sorry there appears to be a problem. This publication is not registered on this domain”.

regsitered on domainTo resolve this problem, please follow the steps below:not registered to be used on this domain
It may be the case that you have added the http version of your domain however if your magazine is being served over https you will also need to add the https version of your domain to your template using the below steps. Once added if you then reload the magazine in the web browser it should then load without error.

To add a domain:

  1. Open any project in the 3D Issue Desktop software.
  2. Click “Setup” on the left side of the Content Tab.
  3. In the Window that opens, click on “Domains”
  4. Add you domains and your Google analytics ID if needed (not required)
  5. Click next and then click Finish.

Your domains should now be added. Please note that these changes take effect immediately so there’s no need to re-build or re-upload the existing flipbooks.

If you still experience issues, please send a link to your online magazine to support@3dissue.com so that we can advise further.

Updated on April 3, 2019

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