Changing the appearance of your Flipbook

You can change how your Flipbook appears online under the Appearance section within the software. (Design tab)


The default option for the background is set to none. There are two background images available called Wooden Floor and Concrete. You can also add your own image by choosing Custom within the drop down menu.


The default preloader used within the software is our own 3D Issue logo. However this can be changed by choosing Custom within the dropdown menu. You can then import your own logo, which will overwrite the 3D Issue logo.


The default intro image is only applicable when Center Covers is unchecked (within the Structure section). You can disable this intro image completely or you can add your own intro image by choosing Custom within the drop down menu.


The default theme is set to Light. All the pop up dialog panels have are off-white in colour. This theme can be changed to the Dark theme via the drop down menu.

Table of Contents

This option allows you to create a contents menu which can link to different pages within your Flipbook. If you click on Edit, it will launch a popup editor, which will allow you to create the menu structure the way you would like it to appear. This contents menu will then appear within the features panel on your online Flipbook.

Auto-Flip Timer

This option allows you to automatically turn the pages of your Flipbook. You can also set the time of when it should flip.

Spine Shading

This option allows you to add some shading down the spine of the Flipbook. You can decrease or increase the size of the shading also.

Drop Shadow

This option allows you to add a drop shadow around the entire edge of your Flipbook.

Show Hotspot Locations

This option is on by default. It briefly displays all the hotspots on a page, giving the user an indication of where they all are located. It is especially useful if you have set the hotspots to be transparent until hovered over.

Updated on October 2, 2018

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