Why am I seeing blank page(s) within my Flipbook?

Blank pages are most commonly caused by;

  1. Importing your PDF from a network/remote drive. If this is the case, please ensure that you’re creating your magazine from PDF files that are locally on your computer.
  2. Having special characters or symbols in the folder path to the PDF file or in the  PDF name itself.
    On Windows right-click on the PDF, select Properties and navigate to the Details tab and tell us the folder path for the file. We may be able to determine the cause from this.
    If you’re on a Mac, right-click and select Get Info and look out for the Where: field to check the folder path. If there are any special symbols or characters (characters with accents, etc.) in the folder path or in the naming of the PDF then that would be the cause for the blank pages.
  3. An odd number of pages in your PDF will result in a blank page at the end of the document to create a back – cover. In this event we recommend simply adding an additional page to your PDF with some content. Most users add a logo page with contact info or an advert.
Updated on October 9, 2018

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