Adding Content

Select the Add Content panel from the Control Columns in order to begin building your page. Content is grouped into five main categories:

  • Elements
  • Blocks
  • Forms
  • Layouts
  • Advanced
Add Contents Panel
Add Contents Panel

Adding Elements

Elements can be added to a page in one of two ways.

The first is to click on the element in the add content panel. This will append the element to the end of your page, directly underneath what was previously the last piece of content.

Alternatively, an element can be dragged from the Add Content panel and dropped in the desired location on the canvas. When dragging, a black line will appear to show you where the element is going to be placed when you release the mouse button.

Adding Blocks

A block is a pre-designed set of element which you can use as a starting point for a section of a page.

To add a block to a page, first select a block type (for example, a contact form or a footer) from within the Blocks section of the Add Content panel. This will present you with a variety of different block designs. From here you can select whether to add the block to the start of the page, or to the end of the page.

Adding Forms

Experios comes with several Blocks containing forms. If, however, you need some more control over exactly what fields are included in your form, you can use the form elements. As well as individual form elements, the Forms section includes a prebuilt form with name, email and message fields, as well as a submit button.

*** While Experios enables you to build forms, information submitted through them won’t go anywhere unless you have pointed it at a script to process it. You can do this using the Action field of the form’s properties panel ***

Adding Layouts

A Layout consists of a set of blocks, forming a full page template.

As a layout represents a full page, when you add a layout it will replace all content that was previously on your page.

To add a layout, simply click on the desired layout from the Layouts section of the Add Content panel.

Advanced Elements

These elements are Rows and Columns, and can be used to structure your page designs. Read more about Rows and Columns here.

Updated on June 24, 2022

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