Privacy & Personal Information with 3D Issue apps

3D Issue apps do not gather or store personal information pertaining to individual users except were to aid functionality such as the login feature.

Personal Information

By personal information, we mean any article of data that can be linked to specific, realworld person. This includes; Name, Email Address, Phone number, Address, IP Addresses, Device Ids.

Analytics & Tracking

3D Issue apps use Google Firebase services for Analytics. This helps us improve the app by looking at patterns and by reporting crashes and errors. No personal information is ever recorded.

Login functionality

The login feature requires the user to enter a username and password. This data is then sent temporarily our login server to check permissions. It may be passed onto our client’s login service if they use their own custom login.

Once authenticated the username and password are stored in the user’s device secure keychain for subsequent logins. It is impossible to track or link this username to analytics data as the two systems are separate and the login is handled by a separate module of the app.

Updated on June 27, 2019

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