How long does the app Submission Take?

The app submission process is different for each Platform.

We recommend allowing 10 to 14 working days for your App submission. This gives you time to get resources such as Icons and metadata such as your App description ready, It gives 3D Issue time to review, build, test and submit your app.

It also gives you a time buffer in case any issues come up during the review of your App.

Tips & Requirements for app Graphics during submission:

In the Graphics tab of the submission page there are 3 images that you need to include with your app. Everything on this tab requires a full update or submission of your app to take effect.

Hi-res Icon – This is the icon that will appear on the App Store and on your user’s device home screen. Its best to keep this icon simple, don’t add a photo or icon with really small text. Even though the image you are uploading is rather large, it will be scaled to as small as 29 x 29 pixels!
You can always upload the individual versions of this image after uploading the large version by selecting “Advanced” under the image.
The image should be a PNG with no Alpha channel (No transparency). The corners of the icon will be automatically rounded for you.

Feature Graphic – This graphic appears on the Google Play listing for your app. This image can include almost any content you wish.
The feature graphic like the Hi-res icon cannot contain any alpha channels.

Launcher Screen – The launcher screen is the first page of the app to open. It initially displays as a page with a solid background color and logo in the centre. As the app launches a progress bar and some status text will appear.

Logo – The logo that will appear in the centre of the loading page. This image can have alpha channels.
The size of the logo is 399 x 312 however it will display at a third of this size on physical devices. This allows it to remain sharp on high-end devices.

Text Color – The text color will be the color that the Progress bar and status text display in. This should contract with the background color.

Background Color – This is the solid background color that will appear behind the logo and text.

Updated on September 28, 2018

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