Customising a template

You can customise App templates using the Code tab in the apps dashboard.

Customising templates requires some knowledge of JSON notation and HTML. A full schema can be found here.

Mobile & Tablet features

There are additional features that are not listed in the template schema. These features introduce device specific variations to your templates and can improve the overall experience for end users.

Mobile & Tablet

This is a toggle at the top of the app editor. Enabling this toggle will combine your template into a single version for both Tablet and Mobile. In most instances this will work well. Disabling this option however will create two seperate templates that you must work on separately.

Safe Area Color

Safe Area Color is an iOS specific style value that should be added in the style for any Root Layouts. This essentially tells the app to fill the colour behind the status bar or other non-app screen areas with a solid color. The value you provide in this property will be the colour displayed.
The value should be a hex colour: #RRGGBB. Please do not use #AARRGGBB

“safeAreaColor” : “#000000”

Modified By Safe Area

This is another iOS Specific style option. This simply tells list or grid views to modify their viewable area slightly when used on iPhone X devices.

“modifiedBySafeArea” : true

Updated on September 27, 2018

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