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What analytics services or stats tracking are supported in 3D Issue apps?

Currently Firebase Analytics is the only service supported by 3D Issue apps.

What stats are recorded in the apps?
  • Parent app option selected
  • Parent app opened
  • Homescreen item pressed
  • Side-panel item pressed
  • Article opened from index page (article item pressed)
  • Article opened via the upnext option
  • Section opened via the upnext option
  • Article closed
  • Load more pressed in section
  • External link opened
  • External link closed
  • Article shared
  • External link shared
  • Device Rotated
  • App started
  • App closed
  • Side-panel opened / closed
  • Homescreen opened
  • Menu view opened
  • External link viewer opened
  • Article view opened.
Will analytics work in my trial?

Analytics will work for iOS clients from the App Portal preview app. Android devices unfortunately do not support this in the apps trial.

How long does it take for stats to start appearing?

In Google Analytics it can take a few hours for stats to start appearing. However once they do start appearing the apps report information in bursts every 2 minutes that the app is active. In other words it takes roughly 2 minutes for interactions to appear!

Updated on September 27, 2018

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