How do I embed my digital publication on my website?

I want to embed my Flipbook into an iFrame
Each of your publications can be placed easily on your website in various ways; plaintext, hyperlinks and even embedding using iFrames.

iFrame Example: American Express Membership Rewards – Back to school 2019

For example, if you wanted to embed one of the samples from our website in an iFrame all you need to do is open your web page in your editor or Content Management Solution, go to the place where you want to insert the code, and simply paste the following there.

<div align="center">
  <iFrame style="max-width:100%;" align="center" src="" allowfullscreen width="1280" height="720" frameborder="none"/>

The SRC section is the publication’s URL you want to use; the width and height fields dictate how big it will show. The width and height values are currently pixels, you can change these dimensions to percentages to make it elastic to the size of the readers browser if you want.

The <br/> tags ensure that the publication is on its own line, The <div> tag is there to control the alignment of the publication. These aren’t necessary but might be useful. It must be inserted into the source HTML of the page.

Mixed Content

Pay close attention to the URL in the SRC value and the URL of your website. If you’re website is secure (https) then your SRC value must also be https:// instead of http:// This is a security feature in modern web browsers

Alternatively, if you would like your digital publications to pop-up on top of your website rather than in a new tab then you can make use of a ‘Lightbox’ instead. Click the link below for an example of a Lightbox and step by step instructions.

Lightbox Tutorial

Updated on May 6, 2021

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