MP4 Videos are buffering to the end before playing

Q: I’m having issues with my MP4 files, they take a very long time to load.

A: It appears that your videos are buffering to the end before they will play. This is down to how the files are originally created. All flv and mp4 files have an index marker that establishes how long a video should buffer before playing. As far as we know, this cannot be changed for flv. You can however correct the problem in an mp4.

The index marker that appears at the end of the mp4 file is called the ‘moov atom’ and an Adobe developer called Renaun Erikson ( has created a program that moves the marker to the beginning of the file.

You will first need to download and install Adobe Air:

You will then need to install Renaun’s ‘Qtindexswapper’ program:

Now you can load you mp4 files into the qtindexswapper software and click ‘Process’ and it will fix the buffering when they are viewed online.

Updated on February 7, 2020

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