How can I add e-commerce options to my digital catalogs?

Learn about the shopping cart feature in Flipbooks Online

Our software has an array of options available for ecommerce. These include product web links, a shopping cart feature and pop-up product web pages. You can easily place hotspots/buttons that link to product pages from your own website throughout your catalogs as seen in the samples below.

Web links, page links, email addresses and phone numbers are all automatically detected and added to your Flipbooks when creating adding your pdf.
You can also use our custom detection solution to generate links to your website, cart or other pages. This works by matching patterns such as SKU codes included in the text of your PDF with the use of Regular Expressions (Our team will provide help).
Check out some more interactive features that can be used in e-catalogs at the link below.

OXO – New Products Catalog (Page 6)

Updated on January 25, 2019

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