Why are my thumbnails blank?

Page thumbnails may occasionally appear blank for a variety of reasons. We’ve listed some common problems that might prevent your thumbnails from not being created properly below;

  • Large Header images
    If you’ve added large images to the tops of your page it may be that our snapshotting service had a hard time loading them. This is actually a reflection of how a user might see the page so its always a good idea to check for big images and optimise them were you can.
    Experios does attempt to optimise and compress images to suit various device and screen types but it’s not always possible depending on the image contents and dimensions. If you think an image is causing a problem contact us at support@experios.com to get advice on optimising.
    Top Tip

    Adding a background colour, along with a background image will improve the overall user experience for readers on slow networks. Particularly if you intend on using white text above your image.

  • (Small) Design choices
    Sometimes small elements or text, or items of similar colour might just appear to be the same or invisible in the thumbnail. This can happen because the pages are rendered by virtual browsers in our Snapshotting service then scaled down, to give a sense of a larger area of the page. Sometimes minute details can be lost in the scaling.
  • Network issues
    Thumbnails happen when changes are saved to your page. If a page started but didn’t complete properly a thumbnail might have been made with the bad temporary data.
  • Page errors or complexity
    Advanced users might use the code editor or advanced elements to make their pages. If the page has a high complexity or incomplete HTML the Snapshotting service might not have been able to complete the page render.
  • Because its Tuesday
    Sometimes things don’t go to plan. If it wasn’t any of the causes listed above then it must be something we haven’t seen before either. Let us know at support@experios.com, include the name or link to your project to help us investigate.
Updated on March 24, 2021

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