Where are the Experios publications hosted ?

Experios is an online service that can be accessed via our website. You will be building your responsive content experiences on 3D Issue’s system. Finished publications can be hosted on our cloud. But there are a number of other options available to partners, too.  

Domain Masking

We can help you set up a domain mask so your readers don’t see a URL from our website. Your web-master would set up a subdomain on your site such as https://publications.yourwebsite.com

This subdomain would then be added to our system and a domain mask activated. From your reader’s perspective, they are still within your company’s web environment. 

Self Hosting

Experios can allow partner clients to self-host, too, either on your own website or a third party site such as a client’s website.  This gives greater control of publications and their traffic. 


Content experience files generated by our platform are all web-based coding files that can be run on web browsers on intranet systems. Each publication that is generated by Experios consists of HTML, CSS, JS, and JSON. Image files, such as PNG, are also packaged. And there may also be video (MP4) and audio files (MP3) packaged with the project, too.

Updated on August 25, 2020

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