How are Experios publications different from Flipbooks?

Flipbooks and Experios publications are both, in essence, digital magazines but they meet very different publishing needs.

Flipbooks are exact digital replications of physical magazines. They allow publishers to showcase their publications online to potential advertisers and readers. When viewing these digital replications, you are viewing the fixed page layouts of those publications’ pages. The magazines are not responsive. You must follow the content flow on each page because it doesn’t readjust to suit you.  On mobile devices, for example, you will have to zoom-in to read text and pan left and right to read a sentence.  

Experios publications are different. They could even be thought of as ‘mobile first’ publications as the content works as well on mobile devices as  on desktop devices. Experios pages automatically reshape to suit the device of the reader, offering seamless content consumption. 

Updated on August 25, 2020

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