How many updates does 3D Issue release?

We have a dedicated innovation team constantly working on new features and improvements for our online platform and desktop software. When you purchase a Professional or Enterprise subscription with us you will receive all the latest updates from 3D Issue. We strive to stay ahead of the market as we have done so over the last 10 years with focus on the performance of your Flipbooks.


Updates are automatically applied to our online platform as it is a web-based solution. There are no downloads necessary. Flipbooks Online is updated on a monthly basis, these updates can include anything from faster loading times to smoother page transitions.


Updates to our desktop software are delivered to the account holder by email. We usually release 3-5 updates a year for Flipbooks Desktop, we aim to introduce all of the same features and improvements to both our desktop software and our online platform.

Pricing Information

We believe the updates we release are what make 3D Issue stand out from other solutions. Should you choose to move forward with our legacy pricing for the desktop software only, updates come as an optional add-on called Upgrade Protection.

Let us know if there is anything you are unsure about or if you have any questions on updates from 3D Issue. We are more than happy to discuss this in-depth with you if you want to call our offices at the number below or email us at

US: (718) 569 6212
Opening Hours: 4:00 AM – 4:30 PM (EST)

Updated on October 17, 2018

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