Page types in Apps

Various templates will provide / support several page types for your app. This is a basic overview of the app’s page types.

  • Home Page
    The home page is the first page that opens when the app is launched. The homepage allows you to show your sections or a collection of recent articles or custom buttons.
  • Index Page
    The index page is design to display the content from a specific section. The index page can be used as a home page if the home page is disabled via the app template. In this case the first section sent to the app will be used as the default content for the index page.
  • Side Panel
    The side panel provides a fast means of switching between sections in your app. It is also a convenient area for adding a return to parent, home or link button.
  • Article View
    The article view allows the displaying of RSS, Written and email article types. This display is customisable via the app template and provides features based on html for more advanced customisation.
  • External Webview
    This page is not customisable and is used when the app must load web content from a user’s action such as pressing a social article type.
Updated on September 27, 2018

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