Frequently Asked Questions

Who hosts my Flipbooks?

You choose!. Our product provides a software solution instead of a service. Therefore, once you create your Flipbooks you are free to host them yourselves on your own website! You have full control.
You can also upload publications to our hosting with the Cloud Services add-on or Flipbooks Online.

Can I create Flipbooks for my clients?

You can with the purchase of additional template. Read more here.

When and how do I receive the software?

Once we have your order and payment, you will receive an email from us with all the details to download your software.

Is there a limit on how many Flipbooks can I create?

No. 3D Issue is sold per company license. Once purchased you/your company can produce Flipbooks of any past, current or future publications that your company wholly owns.

If I purchase Gold, do I receive support, maintenance & training after the first year?

The Gold license includes support, training, maintenance and upgrade protection for the first year. After year one, you will receive a notification from our team letting you know your upgrade protection is coming to an end and should you wish to have continued support the cost for maintenance, support and especially upgrade protection, you will find a link in that notification that allows you to instantly renew.

If you release an update what is the upgrade cost?

If you have a Gold Professional or Gold Enterprise license, you receive upgrade protection and receive a free update to the latest version. If you have an Enterprise license, the cost is $1299 to upgrade to the latest version. If you have a Professional license the cost is $599 to upgrade your license to the newest version. If you have the Lite version and wish to upgrade the cost is $249. The upgrade works exactly the same as your initial purchase, once you pay the upgrade fee we build a new installer and send it to you to download.

Can I get upgrade protection?

Yes. The upgrade protection for 12 months comes with Gold Professional and Gold Enterprise.

Once I create my Flipbook how do I send it to my readers?

When you have converted your PDF into a 3D Issue you can upload this Flipbook to your website and then direct your readers to its location – via a link in email or a link from another part of your site etc. You can also choose to create offline editions, these can be put onto dvd, cd or usb and distributed to readers.

How do I upload the Flipbooks to my website?

If you know your hosting details for your website, you can select Online from the Output tab, then select Upload. In the upload options, you can edit the details in the built in ftp application, so this stores the location of where you want to host your Flipbooks. Then select Build to complete the process and have the Flipbook uploaded to your website.

If you do not know your website hosting information and uploading is done via your webmaster, then you can select Online do not check Upload and then check Build. You are then presented with a folder that contains everything the Flipbook requires to be viewed. Give this folder to your webmaster to upload to your website.

Are the Flipbooks viewable on the iPad, iPhone and mobile devices?

Yes. The 3D Issue software creates pure HTML5 versions of your Flipbooks. The HTML5 version can be viewed on any devices such as iPads, Android phones and tablets as well as on desktop.

How does my logo get embedded in the software?

When you first run your software, you go through the set up wizard, this lets you upload your logo and choose the domains these magazines will be hosted on.

Can I transfer 3D Issue from one machine to another if I upgrade or change my computer?

Yes. We understand that you need to upgrade or change your computer from time to time.

1. Open the software on your original machine
2. Click ‘File: Transfer License: Deactivate’
3. Reactivate on the new machine

Updated on September 8, 2020

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