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Why aren’t Flash files loading on my iPad?

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May 7, 2012 at 10:16 am #6434

I created a publication which contains .SWF and .FLV files, it works fine when I preview this publication. Also when I checked the uploaded version online it also worked. However, when I tried viewing it on my iPad the Flash features don’t display. Why is this?

This is because Apple iOS devices do not have support for Adobe Flash. This was one of the reasons the latest version of 3DIssue creates HTML5 publications for tablet devices.

When you are viewing the publication on your desktop you are actually viewing the flash version. When you load a publication on a tablet the publication recognises the type of device you are using and switches to HTML5 view automatically.

If you wish to view the HTML5 version on your desktop simply replace the ‘index.html’ part of the url to ‘files/html5/index.html’



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