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What kind of Google Analytics does 3D Issue collect?

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May 7, 2012 at 9:50 pm #6612

Google ID Statistics produced from 3D Issue with Google ID Integration

Full Statistics which is offered in our Professional edition includes:

  • How long readers spend reading your magazine
  • How many times readers zoom in on each page
  • Average number of pages read per visit
  • Which pages the reader skipped to
  • Which pages the reader zoomed in on
  • Which audio files the reader played
  • Which video files the reader played
  • Which flash movies the reader played
  • Which websites the reader visited
  • What comments the reader forwarded
  • What addresses the reader sent emails to
  • What keywords the reader searched for
  • How often the reader used thumbnail navigation
  • How many readers used the exit button
  • How many readers skipped to other editions
  • How many readers altered the settings
  • What pages the readers printed
  • What articles in the contents menu the reader clicked on
  • From which page the reader initiated the send to friend feature
  • Where your readers are logging in from
  • Their browser settings
  • Total number of readers per issue
  • Percentage of new readers per issue
  • Percentage of repeat readers per issue

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