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What is the difference between Lite, Professional and Enterprise?

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May 8, 2012 at 9:16 am #6815

The software is split into 3 packages, Lite, Professional and Enterprise.

The lite version allows you to create digital publications with full page flip features. The editions can be viewed on computers and mobile devices (iPad/iPhone included)

The Professional version creates digital publications that can have features added to the pages to enhance the publications. These features include web links, email links, hotspots, video (YouTube and your MP4/MOV/FLV videos), audio, flash, contents menus and social sharing features

The Enterprise version includes all the features of the Professional version but where the Professional is 1 seat/installation, the Enterprise gives you 5 seats/installations.

Within each type there is a Standard and Gold. With the standard version, you will receive 30 days maintenance and support. You can also access our knowledge base at any time through the support section of our website. With the gold package you will receive all the features of the standard package and you will also receive 1 years maintenance, support and upgrade protection. We have a number of updates per year and the gold package will ensure that you receive these updates free of charge. With this package you will also be able to schedule a one2one screen sharing training session with a member of our team at any time throughout the year.





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