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What are the differences between Lite and Professional?

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May 7, 2012 at 9:57 pm #6634

I’m interested in purchasing 3D Issue, however I’m not sure what the difference between lite and professional is?


The software is available for trial from our website, this will allow you to create and upload a publication to view on PC, MAC and iPad. We always encourage our customers to ‘try before they buy’.

We also believe that the best way to evaluate a software is having access to all the features available on it without any limitations, that’s why the trial version runs the Professional version of the software.

Some popular features available in Professional only:

  • Embed audio
  • Embed video to the page
  • Add video in overlay window
  • Add flash
  • Embed flash
  • Enable the top advertising banner
  • Add web links
  • Add email links
  • Add hotspots
  • Auto detects and adds embedded and written links from pdf into digital edition
  • Add interactive buttons to pages – video, audio, flash
  • Add comments button to pages
  • Download a file from a specific page – e.g download a pdf form from within magazine

For a complete feature list comparison please click here.


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