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Saving Notes and Bookmarks in 3D Issue Publications

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March 27, 2013 at 3:49 pm #23979

In order for the bookmarks and notes features to work for a particular publication, the eBook must be located at a fixed location. The notes and bookmarks that are created for a publication are stored on the cache of the Flash player. The Flash player then uses the location of the SWF file as a key for knowing which notes/bookmarks belong to which magazine. This is similar to how the cache of a web browser works.

On the online version this is not a problem as it is unlikely for the web location of an online publication to change so the Flash player can tell which notes/bookmarks apply to which publication.

Similarly, in the offline Mac version, the location of the ‘offline .app’ file is unlikely to change after it has been unzipped (unless the user manually moves it). So when the app is opened and bookmarks/notes are created on the publication, the location that is stored is the location of the app file so unless the user manually moves the app file the notes/bookmarks will still be there when the publication is opened again.

The Windows version works slightly differently however. When the windows ‘.exe’ file is run, all of the publication files are extracted to a temporary hidden folder that is named using the current system timestamp to allow for more than one publication to be opened at once. However, this means that the bookmarks/notes that are saved for that publication will not reappear when the publication is opened again as the next time it will be extracted to a directory of a different name. When a publication is closed all the temporary files that were created are deleted to free up memory and as the directory is named using the system timestamp, it makes it impossible for the Flash player to match up the bookmarks/notes that were previously saved when the publication was last opened.

To get around these limitations however you can choose to use the Desktop Reader apps that come with 3D Issue version 6. These apps store all data in a publication folder and as such, reload all the bookmarks and notes simply by opening the same publication in the App. It also has the added bonus of working while offline the same as the offline.exe and offline.app.


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