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Replace all pages but keep hotspots, media, etc.

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May 7, 2012 at 10:05 pm #6657

Applies to 3DIssue Pro users only 


“We’ve produced a number of large publications (circa 80 pages), with hotspots video, etc. throughout. I have a new version of the PDF which I need to publish, but I need to keep all of the added media. The PDF document structure has not changed at all, but there are multiple text changes on pages throughout. Is there a way to import a replacement PDF whilst retaining all the embedded links, media, etc. or am I going to have to add all the media links in manually again?”


If the changes to the publication will be on the content side only (e.g. – the page dimensions and number of pages will remain the same) you can do the following:

1.       Open your old publication folder (the folder outputted by the 3Dissue software).

2.       Locate and open the ‘Files’ folder

3.       Locate and open the ‘Data’ folder

4.       Copy the ‘bookinfo.xml’ file

5.       Now open the 3Dissue software and create a new publication using the new PDF that your clients have approved.

6.       Do not add any hotspots or interactive buttons, etc.

7.       Build the publication.

8.       Now open the new publication folder that you have just created and paste the ‘bookinfo.xml’ into the ‘Data’ folder, overwriting the one that is in there.

9.       When you re-open your new publication in 3Dissue all the hotspots from the old publication should be visible on the design tab.

Note:  If you have inserted media such as Audio, Video or SWF files you will have to re-insert this data into the publication, however all other files such as go-to pages, youtube videos, links, etc should work as usual!


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