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PDF Issues: My PDF is too large or corrupted.

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May 7, 2012 at 11:19 am #6558

Q: When I load a PDF publication into 3D Issue the PDF loses a lot of its original design. Images overlap text and the PDF is very slow.

A: There is no specific size that the PDF must be to import into 3dissue. If you ever have trouble with a PDF, it is always best to reduce the file size. This can be done within Adobe Acrobat: Document: Reduce File Size.

Also, if your PDF is ever corrupt when importing into 3dissue, below is how you can amend the PDF(s):

1. Open the PDF within ‘Adobe Acrobat’
2. File: Save As: Postscript and save the file (call it something like ‘test’)
3. Open ‘Adobe Distiller’
4. Select ‘Smallest File Size’ option
5. Drag the postscript file onto Distiller
  This creates a PDF!


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