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How do I proportionally resize elements in 3DIssue?

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May 7, 2012 at 11:14 am #6534

When inserting interactive elements I often have to increase/decrease the size, however I want to do this proportionally, so the button has the same dimensions when resized.

On PC you can proportionally resize buttons and hotspots, this is done by holding down the ‘Control’ key while you drag the corner to increase the size.

Mac users can do this also, by holding down the ‘Command’ key.

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Q: When I resize something, then hold control it snaps back to it’s former size..

A: This is because the size is not being set, in order to set the dimensions of an element the user has to let go of the mouse button and then re-select the corner. Now when the user holds the control/command key, it’ll resize proportionally.


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