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Hidden shapes appear when my customers print my publication.

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May 7, 2012 at 11:22 am #6564


“I’ve received a number of complaints from customers who say they have gotten strange artifacts when printing my digital magazine. Usually this is white boxes or other hidden images showing up. How can I resolve this?”


The main issue here is that your source PDF was created with hidden vector shapes, these won’t display until the PDF is printed. Try printing a copy in Adobe Reader and you’ll get the same result.

The latest version of 3D Issue V5 comes with a resolution for this issue. Open a publication in 3D Issue and select the ‘Output’ panel. Click on the label ‘More Settings’ (located below the Zoom Level).

This will bring up a new panel of options, select ‘Rasterize Print’ and rebuild your publication.


Now when a user prints your publication they won’t see any hidden artifacts show up.


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