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May I create publications for my clients using 3D Issue?

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May 8, 2012 at 9:22 am #6843

Service Provider

We have many agency customers who have clients they wish to prepare digital editions for. This use of the software is similar to a digital magazine service. Each solution on our website is sold with 1 template, regardless of the number of copies of the software purchased. 3D Issue software may be used to create unlimited digital editions of any past, present or future issue of any publication owned by that company. Should another client wish to have digital editions created please contact our sales team at sales@3dissue.com to purchase an additional template.

Once purchased, a template for Company B will be integrated into the software which will allow for the generation of unlimited digital editions of any past present or future issue of any publication owned by company B.

The cost of the template depends on the level of interactivity the client wants. This template may then be configured to include their logos and branding and will be configured to display at the correct URL . This additional template is part of the initial 3D Issue software license and may be used on unlimited client publications for that specific client logo.

Can I become a reseller?

For information on reselling 3D Issue software please contact sales@3dissue.com or call direct on US +1718-569-6212 or UK +44 208 0999 739.



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