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Change the logos, icons, language and images on interface

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May 7, 2012 at 10:33 pm #6730

The logos of the client is something that the 3D Issue Team add during the post-sales process. Their logos are embedded inside the flash magazine componenet and cannot be changed.

However all icons, text and images are stored in an external library and can be changed to suit your needs and natural language. If you look in the installation folder, you should see a file called “library.fla”

This is a flash file, you will need at least flash 8 to edit this file.

The library fla contains 2 frames. The first frame displays all the logos and images that are used in the flash magazine template.

To change a graphic, simply go to the library window and navigate to the graphic icon that you wish to replace. Then double click on this icon to open it’s properties window. In this pop-up you will see an option to “import”. Click on this option and then navigate to the new graphic that you want to replace the old file with.  Once complete click OK and save.

Note that while you can change the look of the graphic, you cannot change the size or its location within the flash magazine. Please ensure that the new graphic has the same dimensions as the graphic you are replacing.

To change all other text, click on Frame 2. and simply click on any of the white text boxes to change.


Now you must update the existing library file.  To do this
1. Save the flash file
2. Click on “File / Publish” menu option (shift & F12)
3. Go to your software installation folder (where the library.fla) file is stored
4. You will see a new file called “library.swf ”
5. You must add the new “library.swf” to the existing template/ All template files are stored in the “master_files” subfolder. Each template has its own “library” folder.
6. Copy and paste the “library.swf” file into the appropriate library folder, replacing the old file

Now all future conversions will contain the new format. If you would like to change any existing issues that are online, simply copy the file into the root folder of any online edition.


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