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Advice for users who want to include their own swf files.

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May 7, 2012 at 11:15 am #6538

*Applies to 3D Issue V5 Pro users.


“Are there any events or data types that are pre-included in 3D Issue that I should know about in order to avoid putting them in to the actionscript code?”


I’ve just been speaking to one of the developers and they advise against using ‘mouse Event.mouseUp’ and ‘event.RESIZE’ as both of these are needed on the main stage.

Also be careful with SWF files that have a dimension greater than the dimension of the main stage, as this can cause distortion of publications.

Note Flash files created using ActionScript 2.0 will not work, please ensure files are saved in AS3.0 in order for 3D Issue to control playback on timeline.


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