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Adding custom images to your interactive elements

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May 7, 2012 at 11:13 am #6532

*Applies to 3D Issue V5 Pro users.


I want to customize my publication with my own set interactive buttons. These suit my publication better, is there any way I could change these graphics?


With 3D Issue you receive 11 interactive elements, all of which can be customized.

To change an interactive element’s image simply follow these steps:

1. Run 3DIssue Pro

2. Select ‘Option > Button Images…’

3. A new window will process, first select the element you wish to change (eg – Audio).

4. Select the ‘Change..’ button.

5. An explorer window will open, navigate to the location where your file  is stored and select ok.

6. Now when you draw that element the new icon will appear!

There are some restrictions, files must be png or swf . Other file formats aren’t supported. When choosing images ensure they’re appropriate and can be scaled up and down.

Note: Don’t use SWF files if you intend to publish HTML5 publications for iPad as flash isn’t supported in these publications.


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Q. When I try and find my image files, nothing shows.

This is usually a result of saving the image file in the wrong format. Files must be either SWF or PNG or they won’t show in your browser.


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