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Adding Banner images to 3D Issue

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March 27, 2013 at 2:48 pm #23927

In 3D issue you can add banner images to the tops of your publications. These can be animated SWF files or simple static images. You can have the publication rotate through a number of images and SWF files and can add links to each image to bring readers to the advertiser’s website / product page. You can also set the time it takes for each image to rotate.

At the time of writing banner images do not appear in mobile publications due to screen size restrictions.



For banner images you can add; SWF, GIF, JPG and PNG images. Please note that only SWF animations are supported.

The ideal format of the images is; 2500 x 60 pixels with all content left aligned, as the image is cropped from the right on smaller displays as scaling it to fit the screen would make it a strange fit height-wise!


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