Flipbooks in HTML5 are Cutting Edge and Surprisingly Easy to Create

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Flipbooks-in-HTML5Flipbooks in HTML5 are stunning. Impress your audience today by simply creating your own.

HTML5 animation used imaginatively throughout a flipbook can enhance a publication significantly. It can heighten engagement, improve time spent on pages, add to design features and increase the overall look and feel of the message being portrayed.
At 3D Issue we strive to ensure our software meets all device ...

Exciting New Release! 3D Issue 7.1 Has Just Been Launched…

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7.1 3D issueIt’s here! Version 7.1 of 3D Issue’s Digital Publishing Software Suite.

We are delighted to announce the release of an update to our software. Version 7.1 has launched; it is full of new and enhanced features to ensure the digital editions you create with 3D Issue software are cutting edge for all devices.

We value current digital marketing trends and strive to ...

Nilan Peiris of TransferWise Explains How to Grow your Business by Measuring NPS

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Credit: Professional Images We were delighted this week to attend the GrowthHackers Conference in London, where many experts of the SEO, Digital Marketing and Growth Optimization industries where sharing tips and offering advice. While there, we caught up with Nilan Peiris, VP Growth at TransferWise  (@nilanp), who spoke about how to grow your business by measuring and focusing on the optimization of one metric in ...

6 Top Lead Generation Tools for Online Marketing

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Lead-Generation-ToolsLet’s discuss some powerful lead generation tools in the digital marketplace of late and why there are the preferred choice of online marketers. Marketers used to love being able to get inside people’s homes in the form of a television or magazine advert.

Nowadays the dream to get people’s attention has switched to a mobile perspective. With the uptake in smartphone devices and the rate at ...

Add Fuel to your Digital Edition with Online Publishing Software

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Online-Publishing-SoftwareYour digital publication can take off with the right fuel in it’s engine! Most of our customers use a few of the interactive features that come with the software. You don’t have to; you can simply create a digital edition from a PDF and share your creation.

Today’s blog should serve as an exercise in showcasing the promotional benefits that can correlate with your edition ...

3 Important Tips for Creating Shareable Content

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Shareable-ContentCreate shareable content your audience will want to show their colleagues, and friends. Make the content as user friendly as possible by having links to share to social channels placed carefully.

Key to the contents shareability is the information itself. Ask yourself why you share content. And aim to achieve this for your content, make it unique, humorous and informative to your target audience. Make it ...

Introducing New, Innovative Tools for Publishing to the Web

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Publishing-to-the-WebHave you got content to publish? Making wise choices when it comes to publishing that content means you can reach the widest audience possible.

Gaining knowledge on publishing suites can open up a whole world of possibilities. Marketers, publishers and retailers are creating and publishing to the web as a means to further attract their target markets.
Publishing for all devices and across all ...

How to Create a Branded App to Amaze Your Audience

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How-to-Create-a-Branded-AppCreating a branded app is an easy and worthwhile thing to do. In today’s blog, we give some details on how to get started and how an app can benefit you.

Before our team can begin building and submitting your app to the App Store and Google Play, we’ll we require a few things from you. This includes text, and info that your app will use ...

Content Marketing Best Practices to Impress Your Boss

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Content-Marketing-Best-PracticesFor Monday’s meeting be prepared with a few basic content marketing best practices that work for business. Think of how you can relate these practices to your company and content.

1. Give your audience useful, unique and effective content. Inform them, educate them with helpful insights into your product or service and how it can benefit them in advantageous ways.

2. When blogging use titles ...

The Definitive List of Lead Generation Ideas

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Lead-Generation-IdeasWe need to generate leads in order to make more sales right? It can be a tad overwhelming as there are countless differing ideas out there on the best methods of doing this. In today’s blog we will provide you with a stripped down, definitive list of what you absolutely need to do.

1. Market research. Know what your target market wants to buy. Create a campaign ...

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