Real-Time Marketing, What You Need, When You Need It

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Marketing can sometimes feel like one of those entities that if you blink you have missed the latest advancements in method and application of strategies. A new craze has reared its head and you missed the start of it because you were implementing the changes to your marketing plan that everyone was talking about yesterday. This may seem the case to many who are ...

The Marketing Content Formats You Simply Have to be Using

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marketing content formats

Marketing content has evolved to such an extent that traditional methods, methods long associated with success within the marketing sphere no longer resonates with your audience as it once might have. Today’s consumers is now very skilled at navigating print media and online content to such an degree that magazine advertisements are largely ignored and banner adverts and pop ups on websites ...

Mobile Publishing – Essential Content Delivery

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Mobile Publishing

The average person is now a multi-tasking sensation, we have known and accepted that the second screen exists freely in homes throughout the world for some time now, most people, whilst watching TV, will be surfing the web or reading through their favorite apps simultaneously, this is nothing new. The multi-tasking doesn’t end there though, on the move, in transit, during waiting ...

iPad Magazine – Shaping the Future?

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ipad magazines

Thirty eight percent of anything is a substantial number by anyone’s calculations and when the 38% you are talking about is the digital percentage of the total circulation of a single magazine then it makes you sit up and take notice, this is precisely what the figures recorded for Game Informer Magazine reflected during a recent survey, this 38% equates to a digital audience ...

Creating an eBook from Start to Finish

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E-reading is on the rise, of this there is absolutely no doubt, the far reaching capabilities of the internet has given the planet a resource unmatched at any time in our past, this resource is freely accessible across a wide range of connected devices meaning this vast chasm of information is available to us at pretty much anyplace, at any time. This is a platform ...

Magazine Renaissance Via Digital Media

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Communication and content delivery has changed irrevocably in a short space of time, everything from the way we view and digest content to how we connect and communicate with each other has been transformed beyond recognition. Digital communication has ripped up the very foundations of what we once took for granted as the norm and replaced it with a multitude of methods and means with ...

3D Issue Launches Version 7 of it’s Publishing Suite!

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3D Issue 7.0 Publishing Platform

You know some days are good and some are great? Well today falls into the latter category, the day you, (and we), have all been waiting for is here! Today marks the day that version 7 of our software has gone live and is ready and waiting for you to trial and enjoy. Packed to the seams with new and exciting features, ...

Create eBook Apps Consumers will Actively Seek

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ebook app

We have in these blogs many times before, covered the meteoric rise of smartphone, tablet and eReader usage happening all around us the world over, quite literally. It would be easier to think of friends and family who don’t own one of these connected devices, such is their popularity. It therefore stands to reason that publishers should be fully exploring every available option to ...

How to Create an eBook App for iPad

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It would by no means be a wild assumption to state the ways in which we receive and digest content and data has changed irrevocably in a relatively short space of time, the World Wide Web has played a pivotal role in this change in content digestion habits worldwide, not only this, but the devices we use to view and locate this vast font ...

Aggregate Feeds to Save Money & Increase ROI

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We have all heard the adage that time is money, a quote which is widely attributed to Benjamin Franklin in his publication “Advice to a Young Tradesman, Written by an Old One” which coincidentally was published on this very day in 1748. This quote has never been more pertinent than in today’s world, a world saturated by online information supplied through connected devices, a world ...

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