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“Fantastic customer support”

5 out of 5

Yvonne HillUnited States Power Squadrons Publications

After looking at several flash-based magazine service providers and standalone software, we despaired of finding one with the functionality we wanted at a price we could afford. Then we found 3D Issue software. The interface is intuitive; the branded end product looks beautiful and has excellent functionality; and the customer service and support are outstanding. I cannot recommend this software highly enough.

“Best product choice I’ve made”

3.5 out of 5

Patrick BurnettKid’s Directory of Central Arkansas

3D Issue software helped our company redefine itself online a few years back when almost NO ONE in our area was doing online publications. Not only do we get to do our main pub each month, easily (especially now with v5!), 3D Issue allows us to also produce our annual and special guide pubs along with it as they are needed. Easy to use, easy to set up, very flexible and we’ve only heard good things from our customers reading experiences.

“I strongly recommend this software”

5 out of 5

Jane Singer21st Century Media Ltd / Inside Fashion

We have been using 3D Issue software for about 4 years and have been very pleased with the product. The software is very stable and delivers a solid performance. Over the years 3D Issue has continued to evolve offering new enhancements, further compatibility with operating systems and devices, and a sleek front end. Equally as important, the company is very responsive and supportive of its clients. We always receive a prompt and courteous response to any tech support issues we have. I would highly recommend 3D Issue to anyone wishing to deliver a digital edition of their publication.

“Great piece of software guys”

3.5 out of 5

Susan ZurawikESRI

The team is really thrilled with the fact that hot links and emails show up where they belong it saves them many hours of work. We also like the fact that the digital magazine can be seen on mobile devices. Great work keep up the improvements.

“You can’t ask for a better service”

5 out of 5

Kenneth TherroAlwayz Therro

3D issue has changed the way we publish online forever. Customer service is always great and willing to help. You can’t ask for a better service.

5 out of 5

Fergus BurnsAmazon

Great product. Easy to use and consumers love it.

“The customer service is perhaps the best in the industry”

5 out of 5

Steve BerlinC & S Publishing

We spent more than a year looking at software, and just could not find one that met all our criteria — until we found 3D Issue Publishing software. It is, frankly, the best software available. And, as a bonus, the customer service is perhaps the best in the industry. We recommend this software most highly. Ten out of ten.

“Great support service”

5 out of 5

Dan PrescottScholastic

Was very impressed by the comprehensive functionality in the Pro software. Everything I wanted it to do, it did! Also great support service when any queries arose. Thanks very much: keep up the good work!

5 out of 5

Kyle BeckleyState University of New York

Would happily recommend it to friends and colleagues.

5 out of 5

Steven GeringerYale University

Not only is it an extremely easy and intuitive program, but the output is completely customizable and the result is a sleek, gorgeous product.

“An outstanding product”

5 out of 5

Stephen CompetelloMACYS

The 3D issue team understands the value of a customer and provides outstanding service along with an outstanding product.

“I highly recommend them”

5 out of 5

James RixTarget Publishing

3dissue software allows us to reach our audiences with new, innovative technology that compliments our editorial and advertising. They also have a personal approach to customer service. I highly recommend them.

“It is very easy to use”

5 out of 5

Christopher WoodsBerkeley Prepatory School

This is a great product. Took a little while to adjust to version 5 from version 3 but now that we are creating digital issues, it is very easy to use. Love the fact that we do not have to worry about flash players any more.

“3D issue is a great piece of software”

5 out of 5

Tracey A. HallState University of New York

I really like the software. It makes creating sleek, professional looking interactive documents very easy. If I had one area to suggest improvement it would be in the interactive tools. Specifically the embed video, hotspot, and jump to page button tools.The hotspot and page button tools work wonderfully, but need some kind of alignment tool or guides to help users create links and buttons that line up to each other.The embed video tool works great, but it would be nice if you had a fitting option like Adobe InDesign. In other words, you could create the frame where the video will go, place the video from the source, then choose to fit the content proportionally to that frame or fit the frame to the content. As it is now it takes a lot of tweaking to get a frame, video and movie poster that are all the same proportions to avoid distortion or letterbox effect. All in all 3D issue is a great piece of software that makes great looking online documents and I would happily recommend it to friends and colleagues.

“An invaluable tool for helping us to build our online presence”

5 out of 5

Barry O’ CallaghanSunday World Newspaper

3D Issue is an invaluable tool for helping us to build our online presence, allowing us to repurpose our print editions into an innovative online format via an intuitive interface using the 3D Issue Manager software. It has resulted in a substantial increase in traffic to our website and enables us to integrate our print media with our online content in a simple but highly effective manner.

“The software is impressive and quite evolved”

5 out of 5

Josh MetnickChicago.com, Inc.

I have been impressed with the vision and execution of Paul’s company for years, and have watched it grow from the seed of an idea to a sophisticated enterprise platform with major, international clients. The software is impressive and quite evolved.


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