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“Fantastic customer support”

5 out of 5

Yvonne HillUnited States Power Squadrons Publications

After looking at several flash-based magazine service providers and standalone software, we despaired of finding one with the functionality we wanted at a price we could afford. Then we found 3D Issue software. The interface is intuitive; the branded end product looks beautiful and has excellent functionality; and the customer service and support are outstanding. I cannot recommend this software highly enough.

“Best product choice I’ve made”

3.5 out of 5

Patrick BurnettKid’s Directory of Central Arkansas

3D Issue software helped our company redefine itself online a few years back when almost NO ONE in our area was doing online publications. Not only do we get to do our main pub each month, easily (especially now with v5!), 3D Issue allows us to also produce our annual and special guide pubs along with it as they are needed. Easy to use, easy to set up, very flexible and we’ve only heard good things from our customers reading experiences.

“I strongly recommend this software”

5 out of 5

Jane Singer21st Century Media Ltd / Inside Fashion

We have been using 3D Issue software for about 4 years and have been very pleased with the product. The software is very stable and delivers a solid performance. Over the years 3D Issue has continued to evolve offering new enhancements, further compatibility with operating systems and devices, and a sleek front end. Equally as important, the company is very responsive and supportive of its clients. We always receive a prompt and courteous response to any tech support issues we have. I would highly recommend 3D Issue to anyone wishing to deliver a digital edition of their publication.

“Fantastic support staff”

5 out of 5

Leigh Ann BrownAngel Oak Home Loans

The 3D issue support staff is impressive. They respond within 24 hours and always have the right solution for any problems or issues. Everyone that I have talked to over the phone has displayed top notch customer service. This software is a hot commodity at our company and we love the 3DI project. Especially the fantastic support staff!

“Great piece of software guys”

3.5 out of 5

Susan ZurawikESRI

The team is really thrilled with the fact that hot links and emails show up where they belong it saves them many hours of work. We also like the fact that the digital magazine can be seen on mobile devices. Great work keep up the improvements.

“You can’t ask for a better service”

5 out of 5

Kenneth TherroAlwayz Therro

3D issue has changed the way we publish online forever. Customer service is always great and willing to help. You can’t ask for a better service.

5 out of 5

Fergus BurnsAmazon

Great product. Easy to use and consumers love it.

“The customer service is perhaps the best in the industry”

5 out of 5

Steve BerlinC & S Publishing

We spent more than a year looking at software, and just could not find one that met all our criteria — until we found 3D Issue Publishing software. It is, frankly, the best software available. And, as a bonus, the customer service is perhaps the best in the industry. We recommend this software most highly. Ten out of ten.

“Great support service”

5 out of 5

Dan PrescottScholastic

Was very impressed by the comprehensive functionality in the Pro software. Everything I wanted it to do, it did! Also great support service when any queries arose. Thanks very much: keep up the good work!

5 out of 5

Kyle BeckleyState University of New York

Would happily recommend it to friends and colleagues.

5 out of 5

Steven GeringerYale University

Not only is it an extremely easy and intuitive program, but the output is completely customizable and the result is a sleek, gorgeous product.

“An outstanding product”

5 out of 5

Stephen CompetelloMACYS

The 3D issue team understands the value of a customer and provides outstanding service along with an outstanding product.

“I highly recommend them”

5 out of 5

James RixTarget Publishing

3dissue software allows us to reach our audiences with new, innovative technology that compliments our editorial and advertising. They also have a personal approach to customer service. I highly recommend them.

“It is very easy to use”

5 out of 5

Christopher WoodsBerkeley Prepatory School

This is a great product. Took a little while to adjust to version 5 from version 3 but now that we are creating digital issues, it is very easy to use. Love the fact that we do not have to worry about flash players any more.

“3D issue is a great piece of software”

5 out of 5

Tracey A. HallState University of New York

I really like the software. It makes creating sleek, professional looking interactive documents very easy. If I had one area to suggest improvement it would be in the interactive tools. Specifically the embed video, hotspot, and jump to page button tools.The hotspot and page button tools work wonderfully, but need some kind of alignment tool or guides to help users create links and buttons that line up to each other.The embed video tool works great, but it would be nice if you had a fitting option like Adobe InDesign. In other words, you could create the frame where the video will go, place the video from the source, then choose to fit the content proportionally to that frame or fit the frame to the content. As it is now it takes a lot of tweaking to get a frame, video and movie poster that are all the same proportions to avoid distortion or letterbox effect. All in all 3D issue is a great piece of software that makes great looking online documents and I would happily recommend it to friends and colleagues.

“An invaluable tool for helping us to build our online presence”

5 out of 5

Barry O’ CallaghanSunday World Newspaper

3D Issue is an invaluable tool for helping us to build our online presence, allowing us to repurpose our print editions into an innovative online format via an intuitive interface using the 3D Issue Manager software. It has resulted in a substantial increase in traffic to our website and enables us to integrate our print media with our online content in a simple but highly effective manner.

“The software is impressive and quite evolved”

5 out of 5

Josh MetnickChicago.com, Inc.

I have been impressed with the vision and execution of Paul’s company for years, and have watched it grow from the seed of an idea to a sophisticated enterprise platform with major, international clients. The software is impressive and quite evolved.

4 out of 5

Andrew DeanThe Shephard Group

Our digital editions used to be hosted on a 3rd party site, and we were charged per page and per issue. With 3D Issue, not only was there a simple one-off charge, but a range of new features for both our readers and advertisers. 10/10 to the support team in helping us set the software up.

“The possibilities are limitless”

5 out of 5

Dallas ShannonTraction Publishing & Design

We searched tirelessly for and interactive software solution that would work for our specific application. We kept coming back to 3D Issue, mostly because of the features offered and the pricing structure. There sales team did their best to answer all the obscure questions we came up with and in the end, 3D Issue was the best value proposition we found. During our production weeks, the support 3D Issue team provided was indispensable. Without their help, we couldn’t have completed the interactive side of the magazine. Rarely have I seen a support team solve tech issues in real time – coding adjustments, workarounds and detailed instructions on how to overcome the obstacles we were having. I’m looking forward to watching 3D Issue grow – and growing with them! The possibilities are limitless.

5 out of 5

Dr Jerry ChongCentro Lifestyle Cermaics Sdn Bhd

You guys are really doing an excellent job showcasing your wonderful product to us, your users. I am most grateful too for your continued support services.

“Very easy and intuitive to use”

5 out of 5

Erik PorterHampton Associates

Fantastic product – on the face of it it looks quite daunting but actually very easy and intuitive to use, once you start a project. The one problem I did have (through my own fault) was solved by fantastic support from the support team; very, very impressed by the help and advice I received. Definitely recommended.

“Simple to use”

5 out of 5

Antonio KratsasShowcase Jewellers

I have to say I haven’t used the programme extensively however from the times I have it seems fairly straight forward and simple to use. If I’ve ever had any queries, your support team have been more than helpful.

“The pages render quickly”

4 out of 5

Rob KingThe Examiner

Easy to use. Love th[e] Hotspot functionality- easy and quick. For us a daily newspaper the publish and upload time take a little too long. For the reader the pages render quickly compared to other products.

5 out of 5

Kieran GriffinDAI Ltd

Straight forward and easy to use software. Customer Support couldn’t be more helpful and all problems resolved in a very speedy manner. Highly recommended.

4 out of 5

Sean SavilleFleetwatch

I think you guys have done an excellent job in developing 3D Issue, it’s user friendly, effective and turns out a great looking dynamic digital magazine. My only little change or reason for not scoring it a 5 is… the ability to change the size of the pages manually so that the initial zoom can be set to 25% 50% 75% or 100% of the pages. I’m sure it’s not a big change but one that would really make life a little easier. Other than that… Fantastic Software guys big WELL DONE

“No company has provided better support”

5 out of 5

Rick BardManhattan Bride

As I’ve observed over the years, the support I’ve gotten from 3D has been outstanding in every way. Prompt, thorough responsive, and all around excellent! Recalling the scores of computer and technical service providers we have worked with since I launched the company in 1979, no company has provided better support. Thank you again.

“Easy to use”

5 out of 5


This software beats any flipbook software on the market, believe me I have tried them all. This software is easy to install and just as easy to use. If you are using something else for your digital magazine I highly recommend switching to 3dissue, trust me you won’t regret it.

5 out of 5

Brad HarrisFlyLife Publishing

Great software that’s really intuitive to learn. Better still, I always find the online support really quick and helpful as well.

“The customer service I received was outstanding”

5 out of 5


Had a few problems with logging on and serial numbers after upgrading my Mac, the customer service I received was outstanding, good simple help without going all round the houses. I’ve had one or two problems before and the customer service has always been brilliant.

3 out of 5


“Very cost effective”

5 out of 5

Donan KloozMobile Museum of Art

3D has enabled us to publish online catalogs of our exhibitions without resorting to web designers. Very cost effective and their customer service is quite friendly and prompt. I recommend 3D Issue highly

“Does exactly what we need it to do”

5 out of 5

RyanGIE, Media, Inc.

The software does exactly what we need it to do and performs well. Here are a few suggestions / requests: The ability to create multiple templates for multiple publications. The ability to point to a single mail script. It’s redundant to upload several copies of the mail script to the server. The ability to save the complete FTP path per publication. It’s easy for users to accidentally upload the publication files to the wrong folder on the FTP site (the last folder they uploaded to). It would be awesome to be able to offer this to readers as a native mobile app with issue downloads. Here are the reasons we chose your solution over the competition: Google Analytics tracking. We needed a way to report advertisement views to our clients. The analytics allows us to provide this info by us referencing ads to page numbers. Only loading x pages at a time. Loading all of the pages at once wouldn’t work for us because of the number of pages and file size of our publications. HTML5 mode. We needed a solution that work with non-Flash enabled mobile devices.

“Delivers where it counts”

5 out of 5

Austin BoydBowles Rice LLP

Supported by a quick, knowledgeable tech team, this powerful, full featured, publication product delivers where it counts. I would definitely recommend 3D Issue to anyone wanting publishing content to the web in a flip-book format.

5 out of 5

Christopher BuckOMTimes Media, Inc Foundation

3D Issue is one of the best, most professional, companies I have worked with. Recently, late on a weekend, we had a problem, I was traveling and we were in a panic. Our magazine was due to release that Sunday morning. We fired off an email and they got us going immediately. My deep Gratitude to the 3D Issue Team for going above and beyond to keep our business running smoothly.

5 out of 5

Priscila RomanLink Club Foundation

Very useful software! And the company has a good customer relationship! Congratulations!

4 out of 5


We did a bigger job with it and found it very useful.

5 out of 5

Debbie AshHelicopter Design Ltd

Your after sales personnel are one the most professional and pleasant people I have had the pleasure to do business with, they are a credit to your company. With that said I hope we have a long relationship with your company.

“Thumbs up for the support team!”

5 out of 5

Marc ForrezDelta Light

Fantastic software. Runs local and page flipper can be put on your own server. No limitation on size or page numbers so far. Thumbs up for the support team!

“Fantastic results”

5 out of 5

Ed ByrneCloudVertical

3DIssue really helps extend the reach of our content marketing strategy. We’ve had fantastic results.

5 out of 5

John Mc NamaraSendMode

Love the software and the service. Thanks so much guys, John.

5 out of 5

Fergal O’MullaneConduit Consultancy

Fantastic tool, very professional results and more importantly it is intuitive and easy-to-use

4 out of 5

Kevin BirchmoreDawson Media Direct

The Customer Service from 3D Issue is very good, providing ontime detailed assistance and support. The software is flexible and provides us with the tools we need to deliver digital publications to our customers through our system www.digiredoo.net

“I made the right choice”

5 out of 5

Kinjal ManekRaj Manek Foundation

I feel so proud honestly, to have selected 3D Issue as our newsletter software. There are so many choices out there and quite a task for a customer to make a decision on one. I’m happy I made the right choice because your customer service really stood out for me!

5 out of 5

Chris MuellerDataClarity Corporation

After experiencing difficulties with the Apps portion of our document creation process, we were at loss as to why our 3D Issue online documents did not have the functionality we had specified. Your team, via phone assistance, walked us through the document creation process once again. While we were correct in our steps, in turns out that due to multiple URLs / domains being utilized, the publishing process could not create the document correctly. Thanks to your efforts, we have gained full functionality of this powerful application. Thank you 3D Issue!

“The ground breaking program I have been waiting for”

5 out of 5

Matthew HuntMutiny Magazine

3D Issue has been the ground breaking program I have been waiting for. A chance for me to have a independent magazine that is easy for me to create and change, as well as entertaining for the readers. All the readers at www.mutinymagazine.com can agree, 5 stars mate!!

“Excellent technical support”

4 out of 5

Gabriel WalshCapiche Design

Very easy & quick to use. Would like more control in relation to type, but overall very happy with the software. Excellent technical support.

5 out of 5

Steve TimewellLincs Computers

Excellent and fantastic support

“The customer service at 3D issue is the best!”

5 out of 5

Bob TraversoJukonski Truck Sales and Service, LTD

The customer service at 3D issue is the best! They took care of my problem quickly and there were no issues. I Highly recommend 3D issue and their programs to many other companies I have worked with as a consultant.

5 out of 5

Brian SweeneySwilly Group

Excellent Software, Excellent Company, Thanks for all the help, Brian.

3 out of 5

Rachael ColtonROCO Magazine

The software is excellent for the purpose it is designed for though there are still a few areas that need tweaked. Overall it is an excellent product that is easy to administer and provides a pleasing end result.

“Innovative, slick and functional”

5 out of 5

Colm TalbotMyHome.ie

Both the software and end-product are innovative, slick and functional, which is everything that we at MyHome admire and aspire to. Our customers and site users are the key to the success of MyHome.ie. .. We now see our online digital magazine as generated, powered, and designed by 3D Issue as an extension of the quality service that we provide.

“Wonderful tech support”

4 out of 5

Arturo PadronEmit Magazine

I just wanted to thank you and your crew for the wonderful tech support you have provided so far, and to let you know that we really appreciate it.

5 out of 5

Daniel BrowneRiverMedia Newspapers

We are delighted to have come across 3D Issue’s software solution for the newspaper industry. We put a lot of time and effort into design and layout of our advertising and pages and having an exact up to date copy of our paper on the web that is so interactive is just perfect and way more affordable than any of the other options we examined.

5 out of 5

Ingrid ChristensenBroadcast Dialogue

Your customer service during the purchase process and later through the implementation stage was outstanding. The response of our advertising clients was most favourable, especially the feature linking ads to clients’ home pages or specific pages on their websites.

“Superb piece of software”

4 out of 5

Richard HooperThe Satellite Evolution Group

3D issue is a superb piece of software for reproducing print magazines and books online. With this easy-to-use software you maintain the feel and look of a print product, whilst benefiting from the interactive multimedia add-ons.

5 out of 5

MarioD-base Solutions

Great support by your technical team! Thank you very much.

“Excellent feature set”

5 out of 5

Tony O’DowdXcelerator Machine Translations Ltd.

For anyone that needs a high quality user experience in online digital publishing of documents, you can’t get better than 3d Issue. It has a good pricing structure balanced with an excellent feature set. This, combined with a great UI, makes it unbeatable value!

“The support team were absolutely brilliant”

5 out of 5

Kim JansenSpintelligent

Our company tested a few digital platforms, and we found that 3D issue had the best to offer at a convenient rate. There were a few hiccups after purchasing the software, but the support team were absolutely brilliant in fixing any issues we had. They were always quick to respond and did everything they could to assist us.

4 out of 5

ElisaRohner Design

Basically client and I are happy with the software since they have a password protected area for their fashion customers to view their line before it is in stores. We do have requests though: (A) love to be able to hide your logo or relocate it to the bottom since it interferes with their branding.

5 out of 5

Roy NevesPublisher of Texas Fish & Game Magazine

We struggled for months to find a way to translate our monthly magazine into a satisfying digital publication. Not only did we want current issues to give our readers an enhanced online experience, we also had 25 years of published issues to compile into a searchable archive of our history. We found many vendors offering very impressive print-to-digital publication services. But the more robust versions, with the features most important to us, were server-based and would have required high per-issue conversion costs. Then we found 3DIssue. For what just 2 or 3 issue conversions would have cost us with any of the other applications we considered, we bought 3DIssue outright. We archive the issues on our own servers and maintain complete control over our finished content. And we achieved this without compromising our end-product user experience.

4 out of 5

Ben DossettPDQ Digital Media Solutions

Hi, all good, now really starting to use for a large digital project for tablet devices. Cheers

“Very easy to use”

5 out of 5

Karen WarnerCPI Card Group

Fantastic software, very easy to use and yet creates and sends an impressive message. After sales support is excellent and very responsive. Thanks for making my life easier. Karen

“Makes it so much easier”

5 out of 5

Les PickwellBolton Council

Brill piece of software, makes it so much easier, although I don’t tell clients how easy!

5 out of 5

Fatima WynfordMilestone Group

I am amazed by such hands on support and speedy response to my queries. I have personally never experienced such helpful after sales business support.

3 out of 5

Alex Van KampenSFA Print

5 out of 5

John DankD’Moda

Software works as promised – our client feedback on the online pubs is always positive.

4 out of 5

Brian NeesamThe Woodroffe School

I use this to publish our school magazine. It’s easy to use

5 out of 5

Marianne BadurinaNew England Ropes

You have a wonderful product and exceptional customer service.

5 out of 5

Ian ThornleyATOS

The software does exactly what is says on the tin. We have deployed monthly newsletters, to a NAS device which in turn is picked up via some discreet links in a Sharepoint list (internal Intranet). The results are a very feature rich for the community and the look on their faces says it all. Keep up the good work.

“My customers are very happy with their e-magazine”

4 out of 5

GideonTrilogy Publishing, UK

I have been using it now for 3 months and man, what a nice system. The LITE system I use don’t have all the features I would like, but it has more features than I need. The Interface is intuitive and extremely user friendly and provides plenty options for a general type page flip publication. My customers are very happy with their e-magazine and from what I hear, so are the readers. As a developer, I would highly recommend the 3D Issue software to anyone who needs to do this type of publishing. Straight forward, no frills and solid. Well done guys, and hoping to see more of the same in the future.

“Great support service”

5 out of 5

Rick BardManhattan Bride

I am very happy with the program, its capabilities, and the great support service you provide.Now I am looking forward to the new version, which will permit us to place out digital magazines in the Apple App store.

5 out of 5

Jeff RobinsonVisit Indy

I have been nothing but impressed with the ease of creating dynamic online publications. I’ve used other solutions and, for the price, there isn’t a better product on the market than 3D Issue

“Wide distribution at a fraction of the cost”

4 out of 5

Marie FalcinellaAlcaston Gallery

We have had a fantastic response from clients who love viewing our exhibition catalogues created with 3D Issue. The electronic catalogues allow us wide distribution at a fraction of the cost of printed material.

4 out of 5

John FraserAdvocate Printing & Publishing

5 out of 5

D GurmanSerenity Holidays Ltd

Software is quick to install and set up and once you’re up and running, easy to use. The 3D Issue support team are fast in responding and resolving any issues. Marvellous piece of kit!

“Staff are just brilliant to deal with”

5 out of 5

SandyEques Magazine

Great – software!!! Staff are just brilliant to deal with, nothing is too hard for them, great product knowledge and help provided. What I would love to see is the Zoom feature not so full on, that people can alter it to what they want, at this stage on the lowest setting the pages just come up way to large [got a lot of readers complaints on this] Oh and you would make my day if there was a way you could stop the little thieves from screen saving a page [to get a copy of a photo of them and their horse] and LOL promise last one, if there was a screen that popped up at the initial stage of magazine opening were we could put our copyright details and such.So there’s a few wish things – but i love 3D Issue it was my best investment. Cheers Sandy!

4 out of 5

DianaFrontline Magazine

Hi there, I was hoping to make my text a different colour so that readers would be able to distinguish which sentences may have alternate link options (hotspots) within them, however, I was told that you can only change the colour of the text by altering the PDF file. I know that you can change the opacity of the hotspot tool so that the whole area is highlighted a certain colour, but this is not what I was looking for. This text highlight feature is very common throughout the internet on many different programs and websites and I believe it would be of your interest and to the interest of your company and customers to incorporate this feature in your future programs.Thanks so much,Diana

5 out of 5

Stephanie BellAMDA

I would highly recommend when a new update is released, it allows users to upload the current file and keeps all of the hotspots and information already there. Starting from scratch every time a new version has been released is time consuming. Your tech support has always been helpful and courteous and I appreciate that.

4 out of 5

Edwin BlomAverstone.nl

3D Issue have done an amazing job in customizing their software to suit our needs. We believe that the average person today is seeking the latest in personalised development when visiting a website. We believe that this new digital magazine solution will allow us to maximise user experience by offering our users an intuitive way in which to view the latest listings in the jobs market. Not only can be display our information in an intuitive manner but we can also offer users the chance to view video & audio clips based on that listing

“Very good value for money”

4 out of 5

The Scottish Wedding Directory

As a company we are very keen to make sure that our magazine titles get the online exposure that they deserve, so we were very disappointed with most of the options we found for producing Flash based magazines online. Most of the companies we talked to created the magazines themselves, hosted the magazines on their servers, lacked customization options and were priced at extortionate ‘per page’ rates. However, what we found when we talked to 3D Issue, it was the complete opposite. The customer service and support has been fantastic and the product is absolutely brilliant. We can now produce our magazines online in a stylish way with our own branding, host them on our own servers and the price for the software to produce the magazines ourselves was very good value for money. We would recommend any publisher looking to publish their titles online in this way look no further than 3D Issue.

5 out of 5

Brock SpringerAmerican Paint Horse Association

Excellent service – can not believe how helpful the support team has been – had major issues with a magazine that I could not get to write as a 3D Issue – emailed the PDF docs to them – they did their magic on the files, mailed it back – problem solved.

“Amazing features”

5 out of 5

Athanasios PapantonopoulosInformail.tv

The software is very innovative with amazing features and the future looks promising.


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