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magazine for ipadAs of today a new free app called Zite is available to all iPad owners. Zite tracks and records what you like to read on your iPads and composes a sharp digital magazine personalized to your needs. Watch out Flipboard!

Flipboards free app was names by Apple as the 2010 app of the year due to its catchy capabilities that create individual, pictorial, page flipping articles containing news feeds and social media activity from your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Zite, should you wish it to do so, pulls stories from your social media feeds and Google reader account. You can also select hundreds of subject matter topics that you are interested in. You can then give these articles and stories a thumbs up or a thumbs down rating. Zite then uses your selection to find more and less of your preferred and not preferred topics. Pretty neat!

What is clever about Zite is that it studies, learns and become skilled in educating itself about your reading habits. It monitors which type of stories you like or don’t like to read, what length they are, how long you spend reading them and creates a personalized publication for you based on this data gathered.

Ali Dever, CEO and founder of Zite said ““You should be able to notice right away that Zite is giving you stories that are meaningful to you.” Devar and his staff of 8 accumulated from the researchers department of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. This intelligent and intellectual team is knowledge rich in machine learning and functioning.

Zites interface is crystal clear and easy to read decorated with crisp pictures, photos and stories without all that jazz and too much fuss of an overload with advertising. 88% of iPad owners mostly use their tablets to stay in touch with topical stories and content. So this app is bound to be a huge success and not to mention lucrative for Zite. 15 million people currently own and iPad and Fridays’ release of the iPad 2 can only improve revenue figures for Zite.

So Flipboard now has stiff competition and they will need to pull out all the stops to keep up with this intelligent new app.


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