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YouTube-AdvertisingIn the age of digital media, video is a force to observe closely. Advertising on video channels such as YouTube can have fundamental effects on online business. You can create videos that act as content marketing tactics for your products or services or take up a paid ad spot on the channel aimed at targeting your ideal customer profile by carefully selecting keywords to suit the type of customer you are pursuing.

In today’s blog, I will outline some simple steps to follow to make a YouTube Advertising video for your business.

Tips when creating that 3 minute video advert.

1. Open with a fun line, or describe a special offer. Your aim should be to hook the viewer at the start, so get straight to the point, show some energy, be charismatic.

2. Get a friend, family member, or colleague to help you. Having another person involved should up the ante. They can advise you how you look, hold cue cards for you to read off, and generally help with the filming and editing.

3. Ensure you use a tripod or a steady base to hold your video camera. A bad quality video that is shaking will turn people off straight away. Also pay attention to light and sound, do a bit of testing in these areas to garner the best results.

4. Use props where appropriate. You could add humor to subtly show your product in a clever decisive way that will provoke a laugh. Then you could move on to the serious side and list some benefits you wish to purvey in your video advert.

5. Prepare a script, be confident in the flow of your advert and you will appear self-assured in the words you are delivering.

6. Keep it short and to the point, I would recommend no longer than 3-4 minutes.

Why not create a YouTube advertising video to promote your business today?

By Audrey Henry


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