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publishingOften its the simplest things that make the most sense, Twitter is 5 years old this year and when launched nobody could have appreciated quite how powerful those 140 characters can be when used correctly, in that case less certainly was more.

In 3D Issue there is a neat feature which allows creators to add in some copy to the ‘About us box’, all our customers know that when you purchase the software we encode your logo into the reading pane so your content is protected as intellectual property and not easily stolen and also because we know our customers always appreaciate the ability to show their readers their logo one more time.

What many customers like to do is add in some text that your readers will view when they click on your logo, we thought about making this just a regular hotspot but figured the About us box is really a neater way to communicate the information you need and also allows more room for important information that may otherwise be lost in the publication.

On the right is an image of the About us box with one line of text and the space where your logo appears after we’ve added in your logo.

To amend the default text follow these steps

1. Click Translations from the Options Menu

2. Click company info

3. Under About us add in your information and click save.

We hope you find this blog post useful and that your readers do too!

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