8 ‘to-do’ tasks after completing your digital magazine

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completing digital magazineAfter publishing a digital magazine there a few tasks you can get straight onto that will increase the likelihood of a successful campaign. Don’t sit back after launching the publication without performing some simple tasks which can give the publication a kick start in signing up new subscribers and engaging existing readers.

Here’s our quick check list:

1. Inform and distribute to staff
It’s important that your colleagues across the business are aware of the publication and can gain access to it quickly so that they can promote it too. Staff in different areas of the business with customer facing roles could pass on details of the publication to prospects and customers inquiring about areas covered by your publication. You may also find as staff get more involved in learning about the publications you create they can add vital contributions to future editions.

2. Create your landing page
How do new subscribers get access to your publication? It’s important that you have a good performing landing page where you can let new members register for your publication so they can receive future or related releases instantly next time round. It also gives you the chance to gather the all important subscriber data for your intelligence.

3. Create an iPad offline version
Is your digital magazine an online digital publication? If so then you should consider creating a version for offline iPad readers. With 3D Issue you can also create epub formats – eBooks which can then be downloaded to then accessed when the reader needs it in the iBooks app. Here’s some more information about creating offline iPad digital publications

4. Add it to the archive
Ensure you add your publications to your digital archive. This means that readers of future and older publications in this series can access this edition too with the click of the mouse (or tap of the finger!) Here’s some more information about adding your digital publication to your archive.

4. Shorten the url
URL shortening tools are great as they allow you to provide a more usable link when sharing the link via Twitter etc.. One example is bit.ly, it not only gives you a much shorter url to post using fewer characters, but you can customize the link and then track it’s use too.

5. Status and tweet posts
As soon as your publication is ready, ensure you inform your loyal social followers. These followers should feel that they get something extra from following you on Twitter or Facebook, so giving them access to your publication as soon as it is ready is a great way of achieving this.

6. Create teasers
If you have related product or topic sections on your site, then provide a snippet or teaser to the publication in this area to gain interest of your publication. Post an intro to an article or survey findings, then provide a link for them to get access to the full publication download.

7. Broadcast to subscribers
Your email subscribers should receive an email notification that the publication is ready as soon as possible with a link to download the edition.

8. Check the tracking
Don’t forget to keep an eye on the performance of your digital publication via the tracking. This tracking can not only alert you to potential problems (fewer than expected views or downloads for instance… does the promotion around the publication need to be increased?) but also to highlight strong performing articles, pages or multimedia elements. Check out this quick video all about analyzing the data from your digital magazines
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