Yahoo’s Quest to be the World’s Digital Daily Habit

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If I was to ask all of you that are reading this to answer me one question, would you do it? Honestly, I have one question I would like to ask you, call it a social experiment! The question is, how many of you are reading this on a mobile connected device? If research is to be believed and my instincts to be trusted, I would imagine that at least 40% of you reading this are doing so on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, 4 in 10 of you reading this will be doing so on your smartphone or tablet, quite the statistic.

Feel free to leave a comment at the end of this blog and we can ascertain just how many of you are actually reading this on a mobile device. It’s entirely plausible that this figure could be even higher such are the rates of penetration of connected devices in our world today. 

It is these rapid adoption rates, and the increasing influence and importance that the connected device now wields in our lives, that have led the Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to reiterate Yahoo’s focus on mobile strategies for a mobile world. The setting for Mayer’s comments came at this week’s Disrupt NY 2014 which took place in the Manhattan center, New York.

Getting mobile right is “a really critical issue, and a missed opportunity,” Mayer said. When she arrived, very few people were working on mobile products at Yahoo; now Yahoo has hundreds of mobile developers. By the end of this year, Yahoo’s mobile users (currently 430 million monthly) will overtake its desktop users, Mayer said.

During a stage interview with TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington, Marissa Mayer outlined what she feels is the future for Yahoo and the digital era in general with a mobile first strategy top of the list of features being actively pursued by Yahoo. 

“Mobile is doubling on every traffic metric we have,” she said, the fact that yahoo has yet to register a single app within the top 100 an obvious factor behind Yahoo, and Mayer’s determination to arrest this perceived weakness in yahoo’s strategy by appointing Adam Cahan to be in charge of all things mobile within the company.

Mayer continued; “I asked how many people do we have working on mobile engineering, they said ‘like a hundred.’ And I asked: ‘like an actual hundred, or like 60 rounded up to 100 to make me feel better?’”

This number was soon to expand to number over 500 people now working under Cahans direction; such is the importance now being placed on mobile by yahoo and a nod towards its undoubted influence among the masses.

“We put Adam’s team together, it’s going to be a 2-year experiment,” Mayer said. “We have a tremendous set of app developers and app designers. We want to build the best mobile apps in the industry. I will revisit in two years about how we want to run it moving forward.”

“We want to be the world’s digital daily habit,” Mayer said. And having people spend more time in Yahoo’s apps fits pretty well” Mayer said.

Yahoo have three main areas of focus, namely search, mail and digital magazines and have also released further apps such as Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Mail and Yahoo News Digest. “Last year was the year we began making our investment in mobile,” Mayer said. “We were really proud of the new Yahoo News Digest, the new Yahoo Mail. You could see that engagement picked up. We think we’re making big strides in mobile. But we think there’s more to do.”

It’s crystal clear which way Yahoo and Mayer see the future panning out, and we here at 3D Issue agree wholeheartedly. The figures and statistics speak for themselves, the world is online, online and mobile. 

Publishers and businesses have to adjust their approach and become involved in the digital media sphere; the world is in the midst of one of the biggest shifts in content consumption since the inception of the newspaper. Publisher’s simply have to augment their existing operation by utilizing the transition to digital, their future may well depend on it.

In order to continue to trade and flourish, Publishers simply have to be where the consumer is, the place to find the consumer? Through their mobile devices. The publisher has to adapt their product to become fit for purpose, that purpose is how their customers are increasingly consuming media, namely on their mobile or tablet device. You really can’t afford not to throw your hat into the ring to be a part of this hugely influential movement, just as Yahoo is striving to do.

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