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publishingThere are so many reasons why businesses, or organizations or schools even  people may need to create a digital publication, one hangs on the following – generally speaking the public at large like advertising, it has in the past been identified as a need which to date has been served by the press, and they love it – why wouldn’t they? Its been an oligopoly all these year for them, but the fun – is not to last.

Ask any marketing executive what annoys when creating a new piece of collateral and one of the key responses will be that they cannot get their piece of the puzzle out to their audience fast enough.

If you look at the return on investment that your advertising agency (retainer hello…) or in house graphic designer might be making this is directly proportional to speed to market of those key marketing pieces, the longer a piece of communication is out there the faster it will be understood and hopefully acted upon, hence we need digital publishing for sales pieces – not just magazines and newspapers, for catalogues, for monthly newsletters and for things that people like to spend their money on so we may inform the masses on what they can spend their hard earned cash on, as harsh as it may sound to most out there one of their big rewards in life is that new toy or vacation in the sun or even a belt sander or iPad case (how many people are making iOS cases anyway?)

So there it is we all like to read what interests us, and if its done well, not even exceptionally – just well the effects can be amazing. We all strive to be exceptional of course! Digital publishing or to be more specific digital advertising via below the line marketing is set to become a monster performer in the years ahead and its better for all concerned e-marketing and digital publishing can save green house emissions too which is always nice.

What this blog likes most about publishing a brochure on-line is that it is just involving, it is so much more fun consider this “Look at this new snow board i’m gonna get!” via a traditional hard copy dull magazine or sales piece versus a laptop or iPad2 connected (adaptors ahoy) to a HD TV and that snowboard  as part of a full customer proposition piece being presented in all its page flipping glory – no contest!

And with the great sharing features we can use via digital publishing that ‘board can be Tweeted or shared via Facebook so its like the Facebook like button integration all over again but this is real advertising – its your catalogue and your potential customers want to read it because they are your fans!

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