What is Rich Media & Where Should it Fit in Your Marketing Strategy

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digital media communications“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

― Heraclitus

I have started off today’s blog with a quote by Heraclitus as I wanted to make a point, there are no two people the same and that’s a good thing, the world would be a very boring place if we were all the same, we would be deprived of individual’s brilliance, personality, humor, ideas and idiosyncrasies.

Why I am talking about this you may wonder? Stay with me, there is method to my madness!

A question that often arises within the digital industry is what is rich media? Rich media is basically any type of communicative media, multi-media if you like. Rich media is the combination of text, visual, audio and interactive elements published online to attract attention and encourage activity and engagement. Rich media is used with the purpose of guiding the consumer towards providing some sort of input whilst conveying data through a number of different mediums using the resources at your disposal. There were a lot of changes in digital marketing in 2013

Rich media could be a video to watch or an audio track to listen to or perhaps a combination of both, rich media is designed to stimulate the senses; rich media could be that advert that responds when you roll your cursor over it, rich media can encompass many elements of communication. Rich media is rich in every sense, it is text but it is so much more than just text, it can be an amalgamation of the senses through visual and audio components endowed with interactive overtures. Quite simply put, it can reach heights that solitary text would struggle achieve.

Rich media can be utilized to ascertain how consumers react in certain situations, it can be used to monitor their reactions and actions for the benefit of creating a better user experience. It is a multi-layered strategy which, when channeled in the correct way can provide invaluable insights for all concerned, this is particularly pertinent for marketers and implementing their marketing strategy moving forward. Your goal is to promote activity amongst participants rather than have them be silent, passive observers. You should use these observations to make informed decisions, what way does the consumer react to certain situations or media? How long do they spend on a particular facet of rich media? Is video more popular than text? Do interactive elements encourage higher rates of engagement? Gather all this knowledge and use it to your advantage going forward. What features of publishing and marketing platforms are important?

Do certain media types stimulate the senses more than others?

When readers are faced with text only information there are usually two outcomes, either the respondent will digest the information or they will struggle. There is no right and wrong here, just as I sad at the start, we are all different. It is often the case the people who don’t struggle have prior knowledge of the subject and are stronger readers in general, again I want to reiterate, there is no right and wrong, just the fact we are all wired differently with different skill sets and talents.

It is a fact that if you showed the same text to the same people except this time you interlaced the text with images your information would have a longer lasting resonation on all those who read it, particularly those who reading skills weren’t as strong as others. Images and text are complimentary to one another, combined they dovetail and deliver a stronger message. If you include images within your text, those people with a lower prior knowledge of the subject will spend more time referring to the images than those with a higher prior knowledge of the subject. This leads to the message being widely accepted, just through different methods.

Video and audio work in a similar fashion, videos can provide spacial relationships for certain situations; they can offer non-verbal information using human performances. Video and audio are complimentary to one another, video = visual comprehension, audio = elaborative/ interpretive. Video can also be used to showcase time based phenomena and procedural tasks as it gives an authentic representation, in other words, real time proof of events.

digital marketing create a flipbook

So far we can see the value that rich media offers, like people themselves the choices are wide and varied. Different types of rich media may resonate more with some than others; that is the way of the world. There is no right and no wrong way to digest content, the main thing is to ensure your message gets across one way or another, a quality which rich media will deliver. In todays connected world it is vital to utilize all methods available to you and one of the main weapons within your armory is the deployment of rich media in the appropriate areas.

Content creation and curation

The internet is positively overflowing with data and content, it can be difficult and time consuming to locate all the content you wish to include in your marketing strategies. Content creation tools such as Content Hubs can aid you in your quest. Content hubs can be applied to draw similar content to that of your marketing message from across the web to supplement your existing data and enhance your message overall, all with the minimum of effort. The application of platforms such as Content Hubs can aid you in not only the unearthing of relevant content but also its distribution, which leads me onto my final point. Hubs are just one way content marketing initiatives in 2014 will diversify.

Whatever rich media you use it is vital that it can be viewed upon whichever device the consumer happens to be using at the time, regardless of whether that device is a tablet, PC or a smartphone. Your content simply has to be responsive; the fact that the world at large has gone mobile only further reinforces the importance of this vital implement in your strategy.

What do you think?

Would you add anything else to the points I have highlighted?

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