What is Marketing Automation; and what are it’s Advantages?

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automationMarket automation & social aggregation are the buzz words for 2013. So what is market automation and how can it help your business.

Marketing automation refers to software platforms that are designed for use in marketing departments and other organizational ecosystems.  The purpose of these software solutions is to automate repetitive tasks within that organization.

Marketing automation in a nutshell is about lead generation about getting more people to your website.  So how can products like 3D Issue Hubs help you in generating more leads?

•  More productivity
By integrating automated marketing into your workflow you are freeing up resources. This will allow your team to focus on the areas of your business that have a higher rate of return.

•  Higher penetration of content
With 40% of emails and web traffic now coming from mobile devices, your content must be responsive, it must be able to be automatically lay out to suit the resolution of the device that the audience choose to consume the content on.

•  Greater click through efficiency
As your content is responsive and accessible, you will now be able to expect to increase the click-through efficiency of up to 350%.


•  Instant up to date news
By integrating features such as third party RSS feeds or trending news, you are automatically adding content that is relevant to your audience.  Simply by adding the relevant RSS feeds you will be able to constantly supply your readers with all the latest happenings in the market without adding any additional constraints to your resources.

•  Higher retention of audience
As you can add extra content not only will you increase traffic and click through efficiency but you will also retain your audiences attention for longer.  By providing more, you can retain your audience and use this time to increase your flow through to your ‘call to action’ .

•  Improve lead quality
With Marketing automation you will be able to collect invaluable information on what content improves discovery and resonates most with your audience.  With this data you will be able to engineer your SEO / SEM strategy to get a higher score on your lead quality.

•  Long tail content
As this system is automated, content production can go into overdrive.   You can create multi channels of content  publications or sectors that target specific audiences and ensure that the content within that publication or section is completely targeted to that audience.

•  Deepen and solidify relationships with your audience
By constantly facilitating your audience’s media needs you are building a stronger bonds with your customer.  You are establishing yourself as a thought leader in that market.  You are providing them with a personal experience that will be unmatched by your competitors.

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By Paul Mc Nulty


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