What do Intel and Sonic the Hedgehog have in common?

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What do you use every day yet cannot touch at the same time as you use it and can’t see? One answer might be your computer processor (ED: the Cloud!)

Intel was famed in the early nineties in Marketing circles for its ingenious use of the slogan ‘Intel Inside‘ complete with a jingle which was still in use (albeit re-mixed) up until very recently, this was truly a great campaign, a campaign which made thousands of customers in those Windows ’95 days sit up and say  “I want the Intel inside!” when asked “Why?” the answers were probably mostly…. unconvincing – “Eh I dunno – I just do!” Intel made people care about something which up until then nobody was too interested in, prior to this it was all about the OS and the manufacturer IBM et. al. This point is already well documented the success was all down to the message and it was that any computer that didn’t have that sticker and the ‘Intel Inside’ was somehow not as good, it took competitors years to come close to the dominance of Intel and they still rule much of the roost.

Digital publications are somewhat the same – by creating something digital with extra features the publication is in effect taking something which is simple and often un-noteworthy (the written word) and providing it with more value, something new fresh and making it more powerful as a result providing the publisher with more messages and a feeling for the reader that they are doing well, being served well by a company that cares.

Recently things have changed and Intel recently announced that their sweet spot customer is now closer to mobile, needs a device that is low wattage, as announced at their investor meeting this week, that the center for them going forward was chips that use closer to 15 watts over the current more common 35 watts, computers which are closer to 35 watts include the MacBook Air.

Also mentioned was the move towards Cell Phone chips as of next year and more of a leaning towards ‘Convertibles’ Tablets with Netbook functionality so that’s a tablet with a keyboard.

Other news from Intel included the collapse of their agreement with Nokia since the move towards Microsoft and their soon to land provision of an OS to recuperate the Nokia move towards mobile.

So Microsoft on a Nokia (and Intel in a cell phone too soon!) it all has an air of the first time Sonic the Hedgehog appeared on a Nintendo, it felt odd but for some reason it just made sense!

The point is that Intel added value where initially there was none, but behind that there was the potential for great things – Intel built a great offering on the basis of that first message, just because their message wasn’t all that relevant at the time didn’t mean it wasn’t important. Something every firm appreciates now is that it’s vital to communicate maybe even if at the time you’re not fully sure where the message could bring you, who knows! 3D Issue brings great options for your readers to share your publication via Facebook Twitter and e-mail.

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