What do I need to know about SEO and keywords?

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seo keywordsSometimes it can be difficult to know where to start with SEO (search engine optimisation) and how to optimise your digital online editions so they can be found by the right people – your target market.

Here we take a look at some of the key principles and top tips for ‘keywords’ to make your online content as visible as possible, which will ultimately lead to more leads and then more customers.

So firstly what do we mean when we talk about keywords? Customers find online content by entering keywords or key terms that they are looking to find information on into search engines. It’s essential to get into the minds of your customers and understand what words they would typically search for to find your product, publication or service.

Which keywords should you choose? Try to focus on 5-6 keywords and phrases rather than trying to optimise on too many. This will focus your content on the most important phrases and therefore be better optimised. Look at focusing on targeted keywords, for example instead of “music news” look at a more targeted phrase such as “rock music news” – although the former will no doubt be a more searched for term, the later will receive fewer but more importantly; more relevant and interested visitors as the search is more defined.

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Once you have these keywords identified it’s time to optimise pages of your publication with these words. In 3D Issue make sure you complete the SEO info area where you can insert the keywords into your page title, keywords meta data and page description. You may also want to consider naming your digital edition with a keyword as this will form part of your digital edition’s url which is an important area to optimise. Ensure when designing you magazine that keywords are included within the publication where relevant.

3D Issue users SEO checklist:

1. Identify 5-6 top targeted keywords
2. Optimise the publication for keywords at the magazine design stage
3. Edit the SEO info in the converter window to contain your keywords in the pagetitle, keywords and description fields
4. Name the publication to include a keyword
5. Once uploaded, add each page of the publication to your website’s sitemap so each page can be found by Google spiders
6. Monitor analytics to ensure the best keywords

Extra tip: Do a bit of investigation using your website analytics. Take a look at the keywords used by your visitors to your site. There could be some phases that are typically high converters. Note these key terms and look at creating more content based on these words.

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