What are the advantages of HTML5 for publishers?

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In late 2011 3D Issue was upgraded to Version 5. Our fifth release had more than advatages of html5one thing in common with HTML5 bar the number, and that was the addition of this new language which was a resounding success with our customers new and old.

The addition of an entire new output format from 3D Issue Version 5  improved many elements of the reader experience, the biggest impact was in the improved iPad support. HTML5 allowed for the creation of digital online publications and a rich reader experience on the iPad, other tablets and smart phones. 3D Issue Version 5 supports YouTube video, Audio, and Sharing via Facebook.

In the same week as our launch Adobe announced that they were to withdraw their mobile support for Flash this has some impact on how our customers can create digital magazines, luckily our E-Book(s) software was prepared.

Note this article does not pose to be written by a programmer but rather can take a place as a beginner’s guide to HTML5.

So what you ask was the big fuss over HTML5 in aid of? In a nutshell HTML5 will allow programmers to create better and more interactive websites and software applications.

HTML5 will inevitably replace Flash technology. Why will this happen? Well Flash is an old fashioned format, in that it was resource hungry and time consuming to program. Flash though so well established some will wonder how they shall ever manage without will have it’s day eventually.

Flash is generally used to create Animations (like for example page flips!) or interactive animations, by using a HTML5 framework websites and content, movies, audio and elements of social media will work better together and more easily.

A quick search on-line shall return many results on what the advantage’s are from an enhanced capability for Client databases to Geo-location.  The new programming language will allow for advantages across many many uses.

The top 5 from some web research would appear to offer the following HTML5 features;

1. Mutuality

2. Cleaner mark-up / Improved Code

3. Improved Semantics

4. Elegant forms and web apps

5. Offline Application cache

HTML5 is set to be fully formed by 2022, and due to the complementary use of CSS and JavaScript it will allow for programmers to use the language effectively now and in the future too.

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