Your Website Content Needs These 10 Top Tips

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website-content1. Create blogs, keep titles under 70 characters, use keywords, and write about what interests your market.

2. Have a clear call to action on your homepage. Other pages may also have call to actions integrated with the design of the page. Don’t allow this to overpower each page, as it may be off putting.

3. Color and images. Pay attention to the importance of color in the marketing of your brand. Relay to your web designer how the corporate colors and pantone references must be matched. If you want a high conversion rate the color of the call to action button should be contrasted to the rest of the site for maximum effect. A red or green button is suggested against a white background.

4. Be clear and concise: Use language your audience will understand easily. Keep sentences short and to the point. If you have a page about your friend Jack who is good at golf then don’t title it “Chat with Jack” call it “Expert golf tips to improve your game”

5. Offer incentives for your website visitors to like and share your page to social networks, thus allowing like minded individuals to see your content.


6. Be innovative, constantly endeavor to discover new softwares and campaigns that can improve visits to your site.

7. Use your RSS feeds with your other online content to create a Hub. Show your visitor another dimension to your content.

8. Give away free resources like eBooks or flipbooks on your site in exchange for email addresses. You can build a mailing list and keep these visitor’s contact details in your marketing channel.

9. Always strive for excellence. Keep your page load speed to a good level. As optimized pages lead to higher viewer engagement.

10. Finally, be creative. Look to your top competitors, and stay ahead of them.

By Audrey Henry


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