Using Web Data Extraction to Boost your Business

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web data extractionInformation and content is king!

We all know this to be the case, the only thing worse than being uninformed is to be misinformed. The revolution that we now know today as the internet has created the biggest and most diverse resource known to man. Ever. Fact. No matter what subject you may wish to find information on, no matter how diverse, it’s out there, someone somewhere has had the same thought as you are having right now and has cataloged it online. To say this is a fantastic resource is putting it mildly, never before have we had access to such power, and as we know, information is power.

So what’s the problem I hear you say, well, ‘needle in a haystack’ comes to mind! While it’s quite brilliant to have this resource at our fingertips, the sheer bulk of said information creates its own problems. Problem is probably the wrong word to use here, obstacles which can be overcome may be a better way of looking at it, having so much information available to us can never be considered a problem, although locating and gathering the exact content you want, could prove testing.

The volume of data available on the internet is a truly staggering aspect to take into consideration. It isn’t humanly possible to go through every available piece of data that may or may not interest you or be of relevance to you and your business. You have to find alternative ways to do this without conceding ground on the quality of content you will gather.

So what do you do?

This is where web data extraction comes into play, web data extraction can be compared to that of that one person we all know who goes through the box of chocolates picking out the their favorite one, leaving all the unwanted chocolates behind. Web extraction works from a similar viewpoint, except on a much grander scale, with the internet being the box of chocolates and web extraction data and the tools that we use to perform the task, being the person looking for their favorite chocolate amongst all the other types.

Let’s look at this from a different perspective, you are in a certain business sector, you want to find out as much as you can about your field of expertise. This can include but is by no means limited to gaining updates and insights to market trends, to obtain competitive intelligence, carry out financial research, enhance e-commerce operations and gather contact information. Basically anything that will furnish you with the knowledge to stay ahead of the game. You are going to have to find a way of searching the web that will garnish you with the data you require.

Obtaining and using this information in a relevant, concise way that will be advantageous to your business isn’t as easy as it may seem. “Why not just use a search engine?” “Type what you are looking for into Google”, “I’ll get all I need from there” I hear you say, well, put simply, search engines alone won’t get you the content you desire.

Search engines provide only a fraction of the features companies need to facilitate effective web data extraction. This means businesses need a simple but no less effective method to locate, segment and save the content that you need.

It is possible to have employees scour the internet constantly looking for the data you require, this is not only time consuming and expensive but is also liable to human error and therefore inaccurate results.

Web data extraction tools

We can now see that we will need some help with our plight, we need something that can scour all of this web content and extract the content we so desire, so, what can help us? The answer is platforms such as 3D Issue Hubs that will carry the heavy load for us. All we have to do is point Hubs in the direction and general area of what we are looking for, it will do the rest. Whether that information is text, images or video, Hubs will gather and assemble all the content you yearn for in one, easy to access, well laid out platform.

Hubs provides API access that allows you to utilize the parts of Hubs that are beneficial to your products or organization.

Whether it’s the parsing component, utilizing the responsive magazine technology, cloud hosting, trending content or any of our other technology, all are accessible through our API.

Try 3D Issue Hubs for free today.

By Charlie Gallagher


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