Web Apps are the new Spec sheet

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Computer-digital-publication-converterAn interesting post this week asks how the Spec sheet is now obsolete and really how true is that?

Back in the early ‘noughties’ when it came to purchasing a PC or MAC (less so in the case of the latter maybe) the first stop was to speak with an IT orientated friend or really anyone at all involved in computers. People who were in any way associated with the industry were constantly haunted by requests about the computer they should buy…

Fast forward a decade and now the entire decision is based on price and brand and aesthetics, not the Chip or RAM or the storage space rather the choice is whether the user wants desktop or laptop and then price really.

Intel were the first to make people really care about the processor ‘inside’ pun intended. – yet now this is all slipping away as people really do not understand their complex and varying product differentiations anyway – Core Duo v Dual Core I ask you!….Intel must have done this on purpose, this blog asks why do that at all…remember when you were aiming for 200Mhz and that was it? ah nostalgia.

As the web becomes (and indeed as it became more important) it was the tools available on-line that became important not the power behind the machine, the promise of cloud computing and developments like what Amazon are working on with its buffer based system (don’t dumb down too much now..) mean that this is a trend sure to continue.

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