3D Issue Launches Version 7 of it’s Publishing Suite!

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3D Issue 7.0 Publishing Platform

You know some days are good and some are great? Well today falls into the latter category, the day you, (and we), have all been waiting for is here! Today marks the day that version 7 of our software has gone live and is ready and waiting for you to trial and enjoy. Packed to the seams with new and exciting features, version 7 is sure to excite, invigorate and inspire you to innovate. We have taken on board some inspirational suggestions by you and added a few of our own to refine our software to offer you the most groundbreaking version yet.

To stand still is to go backwards as the saying goes and nowhere is this more pertinent than the online domain of publishing and marketing. We here at 3D Issue are firm believers in this adage we have kept a keen eye on what is required in today’s, and more importantly tomorrows, ever changing world. 3D Issue version 7 offers features and capabilities which are guaranteed to not only save you precious time and money but give you a reach to the consumer like never before.

The features and the benefits of Version 7
Well, where do we start?Not content to rest on our laurels, we here at 3D headquarters have been constantly thinking up ways to improve on our software to aid you and your business in an online world dominated by connected devices, and improve we have, Version 7 offers you the ability to publish anything, anywhere.

That’s right, we know that it is vital in business today to be available anywhere at any time; it’s no secret that smartphone and tablet usage has usurped desktop usage and this is a trend that is destined to continue in the days, weeks, months and years ahead so it is imperative that your content, the information the consumer will be seeking through their connected devices, is available no matter what device they happen to be using at any particular time.

Here are just some of the new features available:

Hot Folder

Drag and drop a PDF into a specified location on your desktop, 3D Issue then auto creates this PDF into a 3D Issue publication, saving you that, one of the most precious of commodities, time! The DropBox style automatic converter allows publishers to simply drop PDFs into a ‘Hot’ folder on their computer and have it automatically published onto their site completely removing all interaction with the main software.

publishing via hotfolder


Version 7 has added a brand new facet to its already considerable armory, it goes by the name of Hubs; Hubs creates a responsive digital magazine to include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, RSS feeds, websites and much more. An innovative, unique marketing hub which can be assembled in a manner of minutes but will constantly update your content offerings ensuring the consumer is kept aware of all the latest developments within your field of expertise. All this without you having to lift a finger after the initial set up process has been carried out.

To truly resonate with your potential consumers you are going to have to go that extra yard in terms of not only the content you create but also in the delivery said content. Consumers have access to more devices and through these, different mediums than ever before; businesses and brands have to ensure that they are reaching out through all these portals to maximize reach and coverage.

It defeats the purpose of spending all that time and money creating outstanding content and then finding the consumer can’t view it on the device they prefer. Utilizing Hubs for your branded content will enable you to not only create the content, but also ensuring it is viewable across whatever device the consumer chooses to view it on.

Have a look at 3D issue’s hub here and see what you could be creating with your own content.


Reader Analytics

Version 7 launches our very own digital magazine stats portal; you can analyze the performance of your 3D Issues easily to determine what works best! This not only gives publishers and marketers invaluable insights into what it is that is interesting the consumer but vitally, also gives them a clear indication of what type of content they should be supplying in the future leading to higher rates of consumer retention and return visits to their businesses.

reader analytics

Cloud Hosting

Don’t have the resources to host your own 3D Issues? Don’t worry; with V7 you can upload your publications to our cloud service.  Our new cloud hosting service allows you clients to harness our Amazon EC2 cloud so all you have to do is provide the content.

cloud publishing

And that’s not all…

The enhancements don’t end there; the new release of the software also includes an eBook creator which harnesses the latest advancements of ePub3 and kindle formats. Ereaders devices and apps are quickly establishing themselves as a serious channel to market and this is something version 7 was built to embrace with some aplomb.

To coincide with Version 7 we have created new guides, new video tutorials and new webinars for you to utilize and enjoy.

Don’t just take my word for it, try it out for yourself:




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