University Marketing With Mobile in Mind

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university-marketingStudents using mobile devices are shaping university marketing practices.

Most university campuses consist of students either web browsing, texting, in apps or emailing on their mobile phone devices between lectures.

The uses in modern day life for the smartphone have out smarted many past approaches to educational practices.

Now universities are encouraging the use of technology, to share educational journals, notes and do trial exams. Logging into portals to gain access to projects, curriculum and results has been a system that has evolved and progressed over the years. Apps in the form of study games have long been a revision aid for many specialist subjects.

According to MPRA parents agree that mobile technology has not only improved the academic performance of the students, but also improved the quality of education.

Colleges and universities encourage the use of mobiles positively and disapprove of unproductive time spent text messaging, gaming and social networking. Used correctly mobiles and tablets can undoubtedly enhance the learning experience, and we are even seeing this at junior classes and schools.


It comes as no surprise that universities market with mobile in mind. They produce content that can be consumed by the emerging youth of today on the devices and screens they spend the most time on.

See some examples here of ways that mobile marketers have advertised their universities.

A content Hub for Pearson University.
A digital prospectus for York University
A mobile apps for various organisations.

Merging of content types such as images, video, text in the form of newsletters, magazines and dynamic prospectuses and learning journals is becoming a common practice.

The results and levels of consumption can be tracked and analyzed and the effects of channeling content through new technical means have been proven successful.

If you have marketing activities to put in place for a university, school or college, contact our experienced team for advice on the right approach to make your content mobile accessible.

By Audrey Henry


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